May 10, 2021

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Labour names by-election candidate (nbr)

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Labour has announced that it will have a candidate in the by-election for Te Tai Tokerau that will be triggered if Hone Hawawira resigns as an independent MP by May 26.

Kelvin Davis, who is 23rd on the Labour Party list, was named as the party’s candidate this afternoon, following meetings by the party’s national council last night and its caucus this morning.

He is a former principal of Kaitaia Intermediate School and finished second to Mr Hawawira at the last election.

Labour leader Phil Goff said despite the party naming a candidate, he still saw the by-election as a waste of taxpayers’ money.

This is a by-election that is costly and unnecessary. It’s a stunt but that money is going to be spent anyway [whether Labour had a candidate or not], he said when asked why the party was putting up a candidate if the by-election was a waste of money.

He said the Mana and Maori parties were embroiled in a family feud, rather than thinking about the people of Te Tai Tokerau. They’re focused on internal disputes. We’re focused on issues affecting Maori.

The Maori Party has already said it will stand a candidate, should the by-election go ahead.

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  1. Another Labour "do nothing" house negro. Dream on Kelvin. Hone will hand your ass to you on a platter

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