May 8, 2021

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Maori King to arrive in Rotorua for Poukai | how you can help

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King Tuheitia will arrive at in Rotorua at Otaramarae next Monday 23rd of May. After months of planning for this special day, the final week of preparation is upon us and we need your help.

  • 20/5/2011 Friday Tents and all tables/chairs start to arrive and first tents are erected
  • 21/5/2011 Saturday from 10am food preparation will begin, tent erection continues
  • 22/5/2011 Sunday all preparations continue
  • 23/5/2011 The day starts at 5am for the cooks and will continue thru lunch at 1pm carrying on to 4pm when the flag will be lowered. The big cleanup begins in earnest after lunch thru to the evening
  • 24/5/2011 All hire equipment and tents will be returned. Helpers are still required to undertake the final clean up of the whole marae

The organising committee look forward to whanau coming home to help, please choose your available time from the dates above and rock up to the marae. Can you please forward this panui to other whanau to advise them, please…

For more info contact John Merito


The Poukai is an annual series of visits by the Maori king to Kingitanga Marae around and beyond the Waikato region, a tradition that dates back to the 19th century. The purposes of Poukai were originally to ensure the welfare of the people. Today that is still the main kaupapa for Poukai as well as it being an environment where all issues involving Maori can be aired.

8 thoughts on “Maori King to arrive in Rotorua for Poukai | how you can help

  1. but did you read the nzherald today – now we have to call him and his stupid wife -their majesties and she wants to be address as 'madam' – madam? mad woman – fool

  2. furthermore is this wtf we are being forced to be accepted as law
    well i believe in lore too and the tapu that was my son has been breached
    and my lore does have dire consequences i call "makutu"
    the other lore of my tupuna was called "noa" so wtf ?????
    i make apublic statement seeing as no one is accountable
    that I HIS MOTHER MURDERED HIM!!!! coz i claim he BELONGED TO ME
    and i apologise to the honourable JOHN KEY for blaming him personally
    and all of his HONOURABLE MINISTERS OF PARLIAMENT so he may rest in peace
    and not be waiting in limbo with us his whanau… sorry humbly sorry son

  3. my son nicholas ward harris has 5 children aged from 17yrs -twins are 8yrs old
    they are so devastated while this ordeal drags on for 5 months now
    we are all in agony and suspended in wtf limbo its beyond humane consequence when will we be free to heal our fragmented family we can't even address our grief
    until some real answers are forthcoming put yourself in my place and he is only one of menay in the same circmstances wtf is this democracy is this how it is?
    or is really coz he was maori!! and polynesian so wtf ….ftw i hate this its WRONG

  4. the death of my son is proving to be a mockery opf justice
    we haven't had anything of any worth except lies more lies to cover up this gross miscarriage of justice and breaches of his human rights
    they think the puny excuse of his health conditions covers the facts that
    he was only on 2 days remand and whilst there he was tragically bashed to death
    and no one is being held accountable because fraudulent laws cover their sorry arses wtf and i am disgusted that the imcompetent police from hamilton haven't honoured their word to ring me and have him bailed to me on 7 january 2011
    they took it upon themselves to put him with his chronic health conditions into waikeria so they could bash him for his sickly aggressive behaviour

  5. i was offered rahui papa as a contact but i haven't taken that option yet coz i know where the king lives as nic got his masters in ctreative arts from twwoa four years
    it took him he was well known in the waikato/tainui rohe
    i am anxious to have the pathology report but the have been delayed so many times
    i have no coroner report no inquest no death cerificate no returned body parts taken without consent no acc funeral grant it has been declined coz of all of the above
    no official accountiblity no response from govt whom i have tirelessly hassled and blamed since i was given word of his untimely death ….nothing so so sad

  6. mauri ora,

    i love poukai and yes it does address ensure te oranga o te whanau whanui and the kaikai is tumeke the whanau bonds do get strengthen wen we sit and eat and share as one people as its purpose was intended by our tupuna

    i have an important AGM meeting on 21 may in mangamuka that i need to be at concerning things maori the happened at my son NICHOLS WARD HARRIS tangihanga up there it involved the meremere village whanau

    but the king knew my son wen he was at rahui pokeka twwoa personally

    and i have tried to get an audience with him in person coz his tamariki are tainui blood and he was killed in waikeria but unfortunately 0800tainui peepz were not very helpful in arraning a ka nohi kite kanohi with me

    so i hope to make it there on this occassion so i maybe able to have an audience with king tuheitia n i then

    i know it will be attended by mokopuna nic’s kids and whanau so i karakia that i can be there to address these wrongs coz my nic used to show off that tuheitia used to scab his smokes at the wananga lol he thought he was special but we found out that the king scabbed all the students smokes lol

    but if u like tell him to google NICHOLAS WARD HARRIS and he will know wat im talking kia ora ….he piko he taniwha

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