May 18, 2021

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Maori Party announces Te Tai Tokerau candidate

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Pem Bird, President for the Maori Party, has just announced the successful selection of Solomon Tipene of Ngati Hine me te whare tapu o Ngapuhi as the Maori Party candidate for the June 25 by-election.

“Solomonimmediately impresses with his sharp intellect, hisstrong grasp of contemporary issues facing Te Tai Tokerau, and his strength and commitment to the learnings of kaupapa Maori” said Mr Bird.

“They need someone to represent their interests, who can deliver on aspirations, and achieve change by seeking constructive solutions which include all of the peoples of Te Tai Tokerau in their approach”.

Solomon Tipene is the co-chair of the Maori Partys Whangarei branch. Tipene is also involved with Ngati Hines treaty claim. As a Maori Party member and treaty negotiator Tipene is not a political newcomer.

3 thoughts on “Maori Party announces Te Tai Tokerau candidate

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