May 10, 2021

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Maori Party welcomes value placed on Iwi Treaty Relationship in freshwater reform

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The Maori Party has today welcomed the forward work programme on water reform as acknowledging the significant relationship between iwi and freshwater.

Freshwater is regarded as a taonga of paramount importance said Tariana Turia Maori Party co-leader

Kaitiakitanga the obligation of iwi to be responsible for the wellbeing of the landscape including water and waterways is inter-generational in nature and of utmost value to our people – and it has driven both iwi contributions and the Maori Party input into this programme.

The Maori Party is pleased that we have been able to create the conversation to ensure the voices of whanau, hapu and iwi are heard by Government – the crucial thing now is for these voices to be given legitimacy through the appropriate arrangements” said Mrs Turia.

We are pleased that the Government has agreed there will be ongoing engagement between Ministers and the Iwi Leaders Group on the rights and interests of iwi in fresh water.

“Iwi have told us that they want to be involved in setting strategic priorities at the national level.

“We look forward to being involved in the ongoing work to ensure that these high level decisions will be implemented, through operational arrangements such as formalising iwi engagement into the overall management of water”

Iwi have interests across cultural, economic, environmental and social spheres and we would hope that the iwi treaty relationship with the Crown is recognized in a way which meets iwi expectations as well as the Crown.

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