May 12, 2021

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New police recruit series beginning on Maori Television

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Ever wondered what it takes to be a police officer in New Zealand? A new documentary series starting on Maori Television next month will open your eyes to what is involved.

NGA PIRIHIMANA HOU is a documentary-style television series following Maori recruits through the gruelling 19 week training course at the Royal New Zealand Police College in Porirua as they attempt to forge a career in the New Zealand Police.

Producer Bradley Walker says NGA PIRIHIMANA HOU follows on from previous recruitment series on Maori Television, WHAKARATONGA IWI (NZ Fire Service), TE TAUA MOANA (RNZ Navy), and NGATI TUMATAUENGA (NZ Army).

However, the format is a bit different for NGA PIRIHIMANA HOU, Walker says.

Rather than following specific recruits through their training to be a police officer, this series takes a peek at what happens inside the police training process and the collective journey of recruits on their way to becoming a cop.

In the first week we follow the new recruits through the application stage and welcome those who made the cut. Then it is straight into it from week two as the would-be cops learn about defensive tactics, the combat stance and the different scenarios to use.

Episode three is a lesson the recruits will not forget when they get a lecture about one of the hardest parts of a police officers job and training steps up a level as they get into this weeks defensive tactics all about striking.

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