May 12, 2021

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NZPMP (New Zealand Peoples Mandate Party) general statement – Conspiracies and the Waihopai Spy Base.

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Perhaps there are so many conspiracy theories because there are so many conspiracies, very simply put, it is human nature to conspire.

Governments are of course, just as susceptible to being taken in by conspirators as any individual, Iraqi weapons of mass destruction springs to mind as an example. Two factors came into play with respect to WMD’s. The manipulation of governments by their own intelligence services who often create threats to justify their existence and the manipulations of the military corporate, who in their greed for profits are always keen to stir up a good war somewhere.

It is hardly a new apparition, that government is often manipulated by these forces, that often intelligence and military services are being steered by corporate interests. But let us focus on what goes on in our own back yard. A good example of these manipulations is the Bougainville troubles 1975 through to 1997. This was on our own door step but the troubles and the manipulations of corporate interests, largely escaped any real public scrutiny, hidden as they were from real public view by both the Australian and New Zealand governments.

Australia has huge gold and copper mining interests on Bougainville and the companies involved, could not allow an independence movement to flourish, and they certainly did not care about a few scraggy but bolshy Bougainville miners, who they paid like paupers and treated like dogs. The mining companies, with the full knowledge of the Australian and New Zealand governments, aided by both countries intelligence services, enlisted the help of both countries militaries. Australia provided the machinery of war, turning a blind eye to arms shipments and provided helicopters. New Zealand provided troops and pilots, through two means, they retired or seconded Kiwi Soldiers to private security companies and directly to the New Guinea security forces. These forces carried out attacks on villages and assassinations of key independence movement leaders. There is a great weight of anecdotal evidence that suggests, some operations involved the direct use of our military in secret operations. This shows clear collusion between corporate and government interests, in using military and intelligence services to further their unscrupulous aims.

Today, at this very moment, nothing has changed. Our Wiahopai spy base is not spending all it’s time looking out for possible terrorist threats, in fact this is not their real focus, most of the New Zealand Government Communications Security Bureau’s effort is spent on gathering commercial intelligence, which we share with America, Australia and Britain, and interestingly with France.

What makes France interesting is that it is one of the countries Waihopai is tasked to spy on. Of side interest is that many Kiwis believe Waihopai spies on our own people, it does not. In a deal made with our intelligence allies, they spy on us and we spy on them, to provide plausible deniability. Our government rightly says, no, we don’t spy on our own. What they don’t say is we get others to do it for us.

There was a time, under Lange, that New Zealand attempted to buck off these manipulations, declaring that New Zealand would stand alone in terms of it’s foreign policy and that we would not be dictated to. This produced some not very surprising but quite profound results, with America directly threatening our nation in a number of far reaching and not particularly savoury ways. The first coup in Fiji carried with it the same stench of foreign intelligence and corporate involvements as Bouganville did. Both our SIS and Army knew full well there was a coup coming and pretty much knew the date. Immediately prior to the coup, senior NZ Army ranks had a meeting with American intelligence and military officials, not involving government.

The subject of those discussions are still a secret but what came next well and truly caught Lange with his pants down. After the hijacking of an Air New Zealand aircraft, Lange ordered the SAS to assemble at Whenuapai and make ready to protect New Zealand interests in Fiji. The New Zealand Army chief of the time, Sorry, don’t recall his name at the moment, rescinded the order without discussion with Lange’s government, citing later, only that the order from Lange was not a written order and so was illegal.

However, Lange had every right to order the SAS to stand ready, a written order would then be needed for actual deployment. The New Zealand Army committed a blatant act of mutiny at best, at worst an act of treason. Just a few days prior to the coup, a large shipment of arms arrived in Fiji, arranged by the CIA through the Israelis. Prior to and during the early days of the coup, an American task force sat off Fiji, just in case things went wrong and it became necessary for America to intervene.

Our own security forces it seems, knew exactly what was going on and chose to leave our government in the dark. Today Fiji bristles with foreign intelligence services, particularly CIA. None of our Pacific neighbours have been immune from these manipulations, Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands have been subject to the interventions and manipulations of America and now, and very worrying to the yanks, manipulations by China. New Zealand is awash with Chinese operatives, as it is with American intelligence personnel.

I personally see little merit in discussing world conspiracies, I would rather we concentrate on our own back yard. Yes these conspiracies exist, to what degree is impossible to fathom but I have some doubts as to how organised they really are, if anything they are more often conspiracies of convenience. A simple surety is this, globalism and the so called free market doctrines have proved to be faulty. Those corporate and government interests who have lead the world in this direction, whatever the collective conspiracy, are ultimately in opposition to each other, where they work together today to advantage themselves, tomorrow they will be cutting each others throats. Through more open dissemination of information, through modern means such as the internet, the peasants have become better informed and are becoming conscious. No doubt this leads governments current efforts to control the internet but in this they will fail.

In the same way, the corporate slave masters will fail and their houses will topple. What I find surprising is that they don’t seem to realise their time is limited, sooner or later the peasants will revolt. It is my contention that New Zealand needs to cleverly think through things and position itself well for if and when the capitalist globalist system does fall over completely. New Zealand must now distance itself and do what Lange tried to do, take responsibility for our own foreign policy development and future directions generally. Where globalism is so obviously failing, we must step back to nationalism and clean up our own back yard, to put us in a position that no matter which way the world steps, we can take care of our own. This said, we must redesign our political system entirely around the principle of fair wealth distribution and greater involvement of Joe public in all matters of government.

There cannot be for the health of our nation, secrecy. During the cold war, one of the most effective intelligence services in the world was the Polish security service. Much to the consternation of the USSR, the Polish intelligence service shared it’s information with anyone who wanted it, they kept no secrets. In doing so they became one of the worlds premier sources of intelligence, information was openly shared with any government who cared to participate and a great many did. Where there are no secrets, it is hard to succeed with conspiracy.

NZPMP party leader.

Foot note:

It is not widely understood that Waihopai was built as America set out to humble Lange for his impertinence, Lange conceded to the base under threat. With the birth of Waihopai, we gave permission for America to actively spy on us and we? To spy on whomever America tells us. Waihopai exists as a monolithic reminder of our subjugation, while it is an important element of American and British intelligence gathering, it’s purpose is dubious and not a necessity to our so called allies ability to gather the same intelligence through other means. It is just a nice bauble for America to have in our backyard, to remind us that under Lange, we as a nation got a little cheeky. New Zealands best defence against all threats is to have no secrets at all, beyond those which relate to ongoing operational matters. So we have three choices in terms of Waihopai.

Keep things as they are, dismantle it entirely or turn it to better purpose and openly give away information. Giving away only that information which represents threat to any other nation and commercial information struck from the record. Waihopai does not so much keep secrets, it is a secret making factory that creates secrets we should not want to keep. In some ways, I like the thought of keeping Waihopai and redirecting the resourse, this would be a little cheeky.

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  1. "This said, we must redesign our political system entirely around the principle of fair wealth distribution and greater involvement of Joe public in all matters of government."

    110% agree Robert 🙂

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