May 12, 2021

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Please support the dream of the Pomare whanau: 21yr old Father/Husband needs lifesaving surgery!

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My dream would be to see my cousin Peter Pomare get the life he deserves.

Peter was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor 7 days after his second daughter Taiamai was born.

He is now fighting for his life in Brisbane Royal hospital alongside his wife, daughters, mum, dad & family.

Peter has been told that he only has days and on one occassion hours to live however he’s still pulling through and continues to do so.

He has had two surgeries to release the pressure of the tumor however has been told that neurologist Dr Teo is the best and only person to do surgery to remove the tumor at a cost of $80k which the family & friends are fundraising for.

His sisters in Rotorua & friends in Cooberrie Park where Peter volunteered are putting together a fundraiser to help go towards his treatment costs.

So I thought Sunsuper may be able to help as well!

He is a young man who has a big future ahead of him, a caring wife and two beautiful daughters to share it with. Nothing more than help towards the costs of his treatment is all I am asking for!

He has a very humble family who are very caring and taking the stress of money away from them would mean the world.

At this time all they need to worry about is their Peter and let us do the work to make this surgery happen!

So please whanau > help make this dream a reality by clicking on this link >

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