May 10, 2021

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Plunket welcomes shaken baby DVD

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A graphic DVD showing the affects of Shaken Baby Syndrome, which will be shown to every mother who gives birth in Auckland from July, has been welcomed by Plunket.

Anything that can be done to raise the issue of shaken baby syndrome in public is a positive thing, says Plunket Clinical Advisor Allison Jamieson.

A crying baby and parents suffering from a lack of sleep can combine to create a very stressful situation. Its vital that parents and other caregivers are offered strategies and information right from the beginning to help them cope.

With 2011 shaping up to be a record year for child abuse Plunket says we need to be looking for fence at the top of the cliff approach.

We need to be looking at preventative measures and asking ourselves questions about how we can support families to care for and raise their children safely, says Allison.

Parents need support and to know where to go for support.

This DVD will help people to understand the risks and consequences of shaking a baby. – knowledge which is important in reducing the risk to babies of being shaken.

If parents and caregivers feel that stress is getting too much for them Plunket recommends putting the baby in a safe place, such as a cot, and taking a few minutes to calm themselves before going back to check on their baby. It may help to ring a friend or PlunketLine (0800 933 922) to talk about how they are feeling.

For more information contact

Nikki Hooper

External Communications Executive

021 405 842

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