May 18, 2021

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(By Andrea Vance) MINISTER OF TWITTER: Tau Henare wrote: ‘Hone Harawira is so racist, he has chocolate milk in his cup of tea’.

National’s Tau Henare has “overstepped the line” by calling Hone Harawira “so racist, he has chocolate milk in his cup of tea,” a fellow MP says.
Henare – who has been dubbed the Minister of Twitter for his prolific use of the social networking site – posted the comment on his Twitter account in the last hour.

Tau HenareHe addressed the remark to Social Development Minister Paula Bennett – but spelt her name wrong. Although Bennett set up an account, she does not use it.

Her spokeswoman said she had not seen the message.

It’s unclear what sparked the taunt – neither Henare nor Harawira were answering their phones this afternoon.

Labour MP Trevor Mallard, also an enthusiastic social media user, said “it’s beyond the limits.”

“The line is drawn in a different place on Twitter, but in this case Tau has gone beyond it. It’s unlikely to upset many people, mainly because of the way that Hone is perceived by a lot of people.

“Some people will see it as Hone getting a bit of his own back. If it was said about anyone else it would be regarded much more negatively.”

It’s not the first time Henare has made a dig at Harawira. Last year Harawira said he would not feel comfortable if one his children dated a Pakeha – Henare said his comments were “racist and stupid.”

“It’s like watching the ugly end of a relationship that’s been breaking down for some time,” Mallard said.

Prime Minister John Key refused to comment.


What do you think whanau?

33 thoughts on “Tau Henare calls Hone Harawira out on Twitter

  1. Maumau te ingoa o te koroua tipuna a Tau Henare ki tana mokopuna.Nga korero a tana mokopuna ka puta mai ki tana wahanui… he pihau! he haunga!

  2. Lets be honest here, Tau was wrong in what he said but at the same time he said what alot of New Zealanders are thinking.

  3. Taus undies, skiddy undies, lol, dat was a crack up, few years bak on TV bout him and his $89 undies, dubbing him, taus undies, lmao…

  4. Taus undies, skiddy undies, lol, fuk dat was a crack up, few years bak on TV bout him and his $89 undies, dubbing him, taus undies, lmao…

  5. When I hear that name Tau Henare…I think of ‘TARO’ HENARE…the exspensive Undies man. Sorry Tau but you have labelled yourself for life! Any other comments you now make, are irrelevant!!! Kamutu! I wonder if Tau is getting pohara he cant afford to by expensive undies anymore and is now shopping at the hokohoko like the rest of us!!!

  6. Tau Henare is a sideshow – an arse-lick for the National Party by virtue of which he gets to keep a very well paid job and rare privileges, for the time being.

    Tau, or "Ray Henry of the union" as he was in a prior equally bludging life, is a joke in the North.

  7. I think a lot of people already are and because he is telling it as it is. More to come as the Mana Movement kicks into gear I reckon.

  8. I think Hone is proud to be Maori – and there's nothing wrong with that.
    But in my limited dealings with him there has been no indication that he is a racist – and I can usually smell a racist a mile off. Maybe Tau feels threatened by the Mana Movement 🙂

    1. I think a lot of people are going to feel threaten by him… NZ needs Hone to keep those in the Beehive on their toes… One thing for sure Hone going to tell the country straight in plain english.

  9. To tau_rag!, whatsoever he sows so shall he reap in this life or the least when he confronted me , i had the last say and shut him down..Mana awhi is not in his genes..

  10. When I was in Te Atatu around 4 years ago with my 2 kids I said hi to Tau, and right there on the street right in front of my kids, because i said i wasnt voting him, he said 'f*** off you stupid b**ch, if you are going to vote for that c**t' then he bent down to my 3 year old son looked him in the eye and flipped him the bird, a friend of mine had the same experience!

  11. Tau if you had any sense you would attack the mans policies. As you dont and cant, you attack the man. That highlights the huge disparity between you and the very people Hone purports to represent. You, along with your other red & brown necks continue to pull the race card when it suits, when in fact thats not the issue at all. He who swims against the tide in fight of the truth, has more balls than you will ever have.

  12. At Toes tangi when someone breaks into a haka id tell them to cut it out he doesnt deserve one, just put him in that bloody hole and cover it up, make sure he's buried in the cowards corner, and deface his headstone with the words 'sell out'… if i belonged to his marae i would block the entrance so they cant bring in the casket and say he lived white and he died white so bury him like a white. Go buy some skin bleach Toe and stop acting like you dont want to, Tau-REKAREKA… Next time keep that bloody mouth shut.

    1. thats sick, what he said was wrong and not PC however to go ahead and talk about him in death is sick and is definitly also a wrong statement.
      You and Tau alike should really think about what you say before you say it.

  13. emanstepate our selfs against mental slavery,we are the only one,s who can change.we must stand tall

  14. im so glad that a red neck gets offended at our status,we natually have in this land any more bites, i like to have my fish on the hook a while longer .

  15. Rangartira status is earned its not boasted about on cheap blogs like this- express mana in areas where mana deserves to be respected and get back to the land you horis—-politics will make you soft, corrupt and isolated!!

  16. Im proud of our one and only Maori rangatira and leader of the Mana party including high chief of Ngapuhi, Hone Harawira who will not sell out his people and tribes in this land called Aotearoa.This RANGATIRA and his executives and followers has got all these sell out Tauiwi parties running scared with there sell out brown people who jump when there leaders tell them. rate who out of them will jump the highest

  17. kia ora ehoa true dat

    i have had enuf of maori mono mongrolling bigots and role misl eaders
    whats happening who broken the mirror?

    who cares what flavoured sweetness is in his tea/cooffee/or piss
    Far The Wisdom dumbums ….please ….i am waiting long time now
    fight the words abuse/abused ……change your ways ,,,
    i will follow …i will support this ….i will stand …..with yous …
    but wtf is this example …..shame and sad …te taitokerau to tonu tu tonu

    1. Tautoko! Sickening and pathetic dilly dallying land mining politics without our pepi this is fruitless. Fight for our poor tamariki.

    2. Hone is right, in his independent party, Henare Tau needs to go with you instead of against you hone, What is the misuse of prerogative power, peace and good order Mr Tau????

  18. tsk, tsk, tsk Should we all worry about HONE and his HONEsty & be distracted from Tau Henare's National Parties destruction of this country. Tau, go Tau to toe with Hone in this by-election, I bet you anything you won't because your a "whingeing loser" who is JEALOUS of Hones notariety and you are "attention seeking" What you need to be saying is: How your Party has & will SEVERELY impoverish this country and especially Maori or are you "racist"? . People on this sight ATTACK Tau & his National Party for their "bullshit" Budget.

  19. Such petty bullshit!! You fulla's are spose to be our countries leaders…. yet you carry on like pathetic little school kids with this tit for tat crap!!! Really please!!!! and the media needs to be shot with a ball of their own shit for fuelling these sorts of things……

  20. aaawwww broz cuzzies stop slagging n abusing the whanau plz
    all this teketeko rau raha is hurting us

    aroha mai te tahi kite te yaki i titiro e au enei kupu takahi o maua mana rangatira
    korua e wahia tou korua tino tuturu kaupapa mo nga iwi maori i nohotahi piri i to tatou taha whaakaro nunui tena korua

    What The Fracture watz the fuss really
    WORDS WORDS ahakoa he iti …..act 4 real
    my son Nicholas Ward HARRIS was bashed/murdered/killed for his words

    we need to have forgiveness we need to be strong we need closure
    i am watching hearing learning that the way forward is to know this
    i am witnessing WRONGS everyday every minute and every second is filled within yearning praying hoping for us to be healed in one love one heart as is the ways o my tupuna thats all i ask brothers whakarongo ae mareka ka mau ka u ka oranga

  21. hone can handle it…nothing in it,,we've been taken crap like that since colonisation…soft maia hone

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