May 9, 2021

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Te Tai Tokerau election day announced

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(Stuff) Prime Minister John Key has announced the date for a by-election in Te Tai Tokerau will be Saturday June 25.

The by-election follows the resignation of Independent MP Hone Harawira.

“The by-election Writ day will be Wednesday 25 May. The last day for candidate nominations to be received will be Tuesday 31 May and the last day for the return of the Writ will be Thursday 14 July.”

Harawira officially resigned, effective from May 20, just four working days before the cut-off point for the by-election to be held.

Harawira announced his resignation yesterday.

He said he was comfortable with his decision, despite criticism from other political parties that it was a waste of $500,000 in taxpayer money so close to the general election in November.

“I look forward to going back onto the streets of Tai Tokerau, to discuss the issues, to reaffirm that support, and to seek guidance as to how best to build for the future,” he said.

Under rules preventing a by-election being set in motion less than six months out from a general election,

4 thoughts on “Te Tai Tokerau election day announced

  1. Wahine011

    True that piringi Hone Harawira and Mana just want the best for all New Zealander's and their families and the fact that he is looking to ensure his own people are not just being pushed aside for immigration to enjoy and destroy what TangataWhenua for many centuries have taken care of, their lands,resources and nga whanau…its disgusting what I see when I walk outside these days!

    We need change and Mana will make it hapen for all

  2. if te taitokerau wants a strong leader to speak at parliament for all of us maori all over Aotearoa and our pakeha friends and pacifica bros and other ethnic groups who are struggling in this beautiful country our tupuna's founded,then Hone and the Mana party must be in parliment to represent us

  3. This is where things are really going to get dirty… I already see dirt coming from left, right and center… The pressure will really go on Hone to keep his composure.

    But what of Sue, John and Nacho? Where about do they fit in all this? I'm sure Mana got a plan for them and a good one too… I just hope we don't forget our pakeha whanau who are in this with us too.

  4. It's out in the open now Hone. As Terrence McKenna once said he was told by the wise ones … "You must have a plan! If you don't have a plan you will become part of somebody elses plan"

    Keep it simple matua … self empowerment is our salvation and the Mana party can offer the pathway to that.

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