May 10, 2021

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Trespass order served to whanau members

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(Radio New Zealand) Sources close to Waitangi marae elders say trespass orders have been served on Ngapuhi kuia Titewhai Harawira and her daughter Hinewhare Harawira.

The mother and sister of Mana Party MP Hone Harawira have been criticised for disrupting a Maori Party hui at the marae two weeks ago and accused of trampling protocols by insulting guests.

A Waitangi marae spokesperson, who asked not to be named, says a marae trustee served formal trespass notices on both women at a recent hui at Mangamuka.

The spokesperson said the police will be called to enforce the order if either Mrs Harawira or her daughter breaches the terms of it.

10 thoughts on “Trespass order served to whanau members

  1. Why has the pakeha ways crept into our tikanga….since when did our people need to hide behind the pakeha law to settle our differences on a Marae..aue I can hear our tupuna crying again sometimes we just dont get it..

  2. Goodness i cant believe they would do that to their own, i mean ive had some mouth off on my Marae because an outsider tuaiwi tried to tell us how to run our issues.
    At least Titiwhai had the decency to not blurt out to the BBC what went on at their hui i respect her say.. whats said in the Marae, stays in the MARAE… KO NGARO TE kAUPAPA O TE KAIWHAKAHAERE IKONA.. TARIANA IS A CRY BABY ON TE TII MARAE WHICH IS NOT HER PLACE,, GO BACK TO YOU OWN MARAE WOMAN..

  3. I thought all maraes are mean"t to air differences,good or bad. We talk of tikana maori,but that should have been to speak to the kuia first, and not to the tauiwi media first ,unless theres a political agenda by certain trustees. this Maori party shit all over Ngapuhi and some so called kaumatua's want to clean up there mess behind them.What would Hone Heke have done to people who shit on his people.Maybe we should go back to the old days and do a challenge before coming on to our Maraes

  4. ngapuhi ma ????? wtf ????
    i am ashamed that this desecration of picking and choosing wtf happens on our MARAE 2 DAYS wtf = why the fuss
    why are you still doing this ?
    i have suffer this treatment myself at my sacred marae KO WAI KOE ????
    i don't agree with alot of things but ? KOTAHITANGI TE IWI MAORI kei hea ra?
    kei hea? it is all wrong wrong wrong …ka oho …open ur eye,ears,hearts,minds
    look and see wtf u doing ? 2 me ,u,mokopuna,world,whanau …be proud? sad

  5. ka karanga
    ka karakia
    ka waiata e
    enga reo wairua,enga waka,enga mana e
    whakahokia te tikanga,te kawa,te taonga
    o teneki o etahi marae o te kuia i kaha ana tona tu manamotu e
    ahakoa te take,te kaupapa,o te whanau kotahitanga e
    tena koe ehoa mo tou tino whaakaro rua ehoa e
    anei he iti taku pounamu poto tangi ki oku tupuna i tuku iho
    i korowaitia enei mea mo tatou nga iwi o ratou ma
    n no reira tena koutou tena koutou TENA TATOU KATOA

  6. OMG what next – wouldnt a telling off on the day been done by those chiefs in attendance and sitting on the taumata? thats what i think would have happened in the old days – oh and those potentially doing the wrong thing would have also had the chance to talk to their issues. i also think though many people dont consider the home people (hosts @ waitangi) and their job to keep the place civil and more importantly a place people would want to come back to so unfortunately this issue is now fodder for the baldheads (media, rednecks to crap on hone and his whanau oh and maori too) and a very unfortunate circumstance for ngapuhi and maori as a whole – come on whanau a better approach is needed!

  7. How long is the ban in place for?… And are there any opportunities to make amends?
    The elders sent out an un-named marae spokesman to dish-out their verdict… Must be scared of the old kuia.

    But… Then again… The marae has to protect their visitors… Maybe the marae should had given the old kuia a opportunity to speak at the hui.

  8. You can't stop whanau from going on to their own marae under any custom. The marae belongs to the hapu members not the committee. The committee doesn't have that customary or common law duty.

  9. Titewhai and Hinewhare Harawira are wahine toa who are honest in what they do and say, thats such a shame for the un named spokesperson to enforce a tresspass order against them shame on the spokesperson.

    1. All Hone is doing is keep up with the Joneses what so wrong about that. Myself i beleive its sharing ideas of interest after all we are all kiwi's aren't we dont we want to no I do I think its time spice was added to the menu maybe most of our poloticians may choke on it and look at whats happening to our country

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