May 15, 2021

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Ultra-fast broadband to connect Wellington with the world

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Wellington will be connected to the world like never before with the introduction of ultra-fast broadband, National MPs Hekia Parata, Paul Quinn and Katrina Shanks say.

Ultra-fast broadband will connect Wellingtons businesses, schools and health providers with the rest of New Zealand and the world as part of the governments $1.5 billion Ultra-Fast Broadband Initiative.

Government agency Crown Fibre Holdings has negotiated with Telecom to rollout ultra-fast broadband between Aug 2011 Dec 2019 across Wellington.

Around 80 Wellington schools, 1500 healthcare providers and 7900 Wellington businesses will be connected, receiving broadband speeds of up 10 gigabits per second.

“Ultra-fast broadband will pave the way for new business opportunities for Wellingtons residents. Schools are also priority for the ultra-fast broadband initiative. This continues our commitment to raising educations standards and means our schools will be able to share resources like physics and IT teachers, and have access to the technologies they need in this digital age, says Hekia Parata, Paul Quinn and Katrina Shanks.

Ultra-fast broadband will also introduce a new era of healthcare. Providers will be able to send x-rays in seconds, rather than days via courier, saving time, money, and, ultimately, lives.”

The deal with Telecom to rollout ultra-fast broadband in Wellingtons represents fantastic value for money for the Government, while ensuring customers receive competitive internet services, says Hekia Parata, Paul Quinn and Katrina Shanks.

As part of the deal, Telecom will split off its network arm, Chorus, into a completely separate company, so that all broadband retailers can compete fairly to sell ultra-fast broadband.

The new network will be open to all internet providers to use, ensuring we all benefit from competitively-priced and innovative internet services,” says Hekia Parata, Paul Quinn and Katrina Shanks.

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