May 18, 2021

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Why are Maori being left out of Rugby World Cup showcase launch?

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(National Business Review) The place of Maori culture in New Zealand tourism has been questioned, after a reported lack of representation at a Rugby World Cup campaign launch last week.

The REAL New Zealand showcase, a campaign across 16 different industry sectors aimed at getting international business leverage during the World Cup, was launched in Auckland last Thursday.

In Parliament today, Labour MP Kelvin Davis asked Prime Minister John Key how he was demonstrating the competitive advantages of our unique Maori culture if Maori were barely represented at an event as significant as the showcase.

“Why, aside from a few brown-faced waiters and a bit of music, did Maori and Maori tourism have no significant presence at the launch of the REAL New Zealand Showcase?” Mr Davis asked.

Mr Key, who is the minister responsible for tourism, said there were many events that would showcase Maori during the tournament.

“The REAL New Zealand Showcase is by sector, and Maori are an important part of each of those sectors and play a part in them,” he said.

6 thoughts on “Why are Maori being left out of Rugby World Cup showcase launch?

  1. What do maori want to show visitors of their culture,people queing at the money machines,filling the asian takeaway shops,a drive past the house in Ngaruawahia where 3 gutless wonders won't admit which one is a murderer,on to Rotorua to buy a washing machine,back through Mangere to see where 2 innocent children are buried,and a trip up to Pare to see all the innocent bro's,pakeha's fault that they are all incarcerated.No,I wouldn't rush to display the culture.

    1. Stereotyping is a result of ignorance, and ranting about your own conceptual outlook of Maori, shows us the narrow mindedness of people who live in a little lonely box and don't have any substance or direction in their own lives. Get a life!!!!!

  2. Kelvin needs all the exposure he can get because up until now he's done sweet far call. I didn't even know he existed until a few days ago and only because he's talking himself up over Hone

  3. Kelvin asks a good question. Perhaps for answers we could look at the RWC Board. It has seven men with business and some sports background, and one woman with Australasian entertainment experience. None refer to their heritage but all appear to be pakeha.

    Even before this Board was set up the focus of the RWC has neglected the basic questions about who the games are for in New Zealand, where are they being played, and what is their connection to their host country and its people.

    1. because the likes of that madwoman titewhai harawira –
      her outraegous behaviour is just so passe and her stupid threats are just too much a chance to take –
      she has to take responsibility for creating mischeif and further disadvantaging Maori people –

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