May 9, 2021

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Christchurch hit by 5.5 earthquake (NZ Herald)

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13.34: Joy Reid, of TVNZ, tweeted about being in Riccarton mall.
“Stuff fell off shelves.People crying. Everyone leaving,” she tweeted.

13.33: The earthquake has impacted both the cellphone and landline network. Telecom says it is assessing any potential network impact.

13.30: Andrew Leckie from the suburb of Shirley says the power is out, with more damage around the house. He says “it felt as big as the Feb22nd quake here!”

13.27: There are reports of fresh damage in the Christchurch’s CBD. One caller to Newstalk ZB described the quake as “huge”.

13.27: Initial reports are that phone lines are down and rocks are falling off Sumner’s hills.

13.20: Buildings have been rocked throughout Christchurch in what is being described as the biggest aftershock to hit the devastating February 22 quake.

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Residents have taken to Twitter to post about the quake, with many describing it as powerful and estimating it at a near 6 magnitude.

Lilmagoolie said her house “wobbled like crazy” – with the shaking almost as bad as the February shock.

“Big quake. House still moving. Alarms going off everywhere.”

Mattdeevee said: “oh my gosh that was so scary!!!!!! Biggest since Feb by far 5.9?!”

Nathanael Boehm, NathanaelB, said he was ready to jump out a

“Was up and ready to leap out a window if it started coming down!”

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