May 19, 2021

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Macsyna King

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My name is Waione Te Paa,.

I am emailing you with a plea tonight, one whichhas become close to my heart. Last night, I heard that Macsyna King has co-authored a book – no doubt you would have heard. Wow! So I am emailing you to please PLEASE somehow stop this book from going ahead. I wouldn’t mind if all proceeds were donated to a charity but I haven’t heard this so far. Macsyna doesn’t want money but she wants her voice heard? That seems fair enough for her babies .. or does it?

Papa Pita: This is the first time in my life I have been ashamed to be a Maori. It’s bad enough some beautiful babies were killed, but how have they found justice is even more shameful?. I voted for you Papa – pleasegive me a reason to believethat you stand for allbecause I am standing for these babies – they couldn’t vote, so I am trying to be their voice.

Hone: No offence, but I didn’t vote for you – I’m honest and you say you are too so I’m hoping to get some credit too (such is politics) but you said you stand up for your people. Stand up for your people now and stand up for these babies. Innocent until proven guilty – I completely believe in this sayingbut PLEASE don’t let anyone profit their deaths. Use this as a way to say that our people, our tupuna do NOT do this!

John Key: Please lead your people, you’ve done a great job so far with the Earthquake and the Pike River Mine, you’ve led us in a great way! I believe in you John Key, at times, but when someone in my country can be allowed to profit from such a despicable crime surely there would be something something you could do to stop the sale of this book. Even just a word to say

Simon: Surely, everyone here can’t justify the sale of this book. Ok, so apparently Macsyna isn’t getting any money from this book, but she approached him via her landlord?? Hmmmm. Obviously some money is being made somewhere?

I only hope that you can take into consideration the disgust and shame that has come out of this book.

Kind regards

Waione Te Paa

2 thoughts on “Macsyna King

  1. Kia ora
    I am glad some bookshops have said they will not sell this book. I don't know what happened in the babies' home nor who was at fault but I don't like to see anyone profit from children's deaths. I hear that Macsyna will not get money from the book and if there are any profits they will go to Ian Wishart. He has a bad record of twisting the truth to make it more sensational. That won't help any of the whanau of the babies.

    One thing more Waione, John Key smiles and looks good to people but my cousins on the West Coast aren't happy about how Pike River Mine has been handled. They still don't have a chance to bury their men, some businesses who helped with rescues weren't paid for months, and the Mine Company didn't do safety improvements in 2009 because the Government was still considering a report on an earlier fatal accident. They don't blame John Key but they're not happy with the Government.

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