May 6, 2021

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Native fragrances from the UNITY Collection

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A range designed to metaphorically represent the physical and spiritual journey behind the culturally diverse contemporary New Zealand.

Each fragrance contains specific extracts which represent the foot prints of our journey. This journey began thousands of years ago in Hawaiki, when Polynesian explorers who had but ONE DREAM, set out to find shores anew of plenty, inhabiting many islands along the way.

With ONE DESIRE navigating the seas, Maori settled in the land of the long white cloud known as Aotearoa, where they lived prosperously within its abundant and untouched natural Native landscape. European arrival then followed and so began the modern era of New Zealand. In recent years, as the world has grown smaller, we have together welcomed further tribes to share our precious land.

From here forth we share ONE DESTINY; we are NATIVE together, one tribe evolved from multiple origins, finding strength and power from each other: proud to have carved out our unique, modern identity.

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