May 10, 2021

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Style NOW! and how to prepare for a job interview

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Welcome to my maiden voyage for

Im calling it my maiden voyage, because its my first time writing on this exciting site and understanding and developing your own style which is what ill be writing about, is a voyage, a journey.

Preparing yourself for a job interview is practically a job in itself; you can spend a day getting your C.V. right for the job youre applying for, sending it out and wondering if the job prospect got your c.v. Finally after what seemed like a life time you think, oh you havent heard, so you havent got an interview, they call! Excellent youve got an interview, but will you be dressed for success?

A successful style strategy for a job interview is a head to toe process, lets start at the top:

Hows my hair?

If you havent had your haircut for the last 2 months it will need a tidy up, explain to the hairdresser its for a job interview and you want to look well groomed. Ladies if your hair is long try wearing it back so the interviewer isnt distracted by your hair, or if you know you can wear your hair out at this employment prospect, check that your hair is well groomed with no noticeably dry or split ends.

Hows my face?

Guys if youre supporting facial hair,

  • Have your goatee or beard shaped at the barber.
  • Shave off all facial hair if you havent shaved in a while.
  • If its just lip or chin fluff shave it off too.

Facial fluff really makes the face look dirty not masculine.

Ladies even if you dont wear make up, for an interview it helps to put your best face forward.

  • Applying a little liquid foundation on the day, too freshen your face and cover any blemishes.
  • Apply 2 coats of black mascara to define your eyes.
  • A bronzer or peach coloured blush on the apple of your cheeks, it will put a little happiness onto your face.
  • Use any coloured lip-gloss or a flesh toned lipstick to moisten your lips.

What am I wearing?

Ideally a suit should be worn to an interview; its a professional ensemble and expected.

Your colour choice of top, shirt and tie depends on the job you are applying for and what sort of impact you want to have at the interview.

The colour you wear can present many mixed messages to your job prospects;

  • Black or too much black looks arrogant and distant.
  • Blue looks non threatening and trustworthy.
  • Red evokes more emotions than any other colour.
  • Brown, can show you looking calm and level headed.

A white shirt or top will give a strong contrast to your suit. White is a complementary colour next to the skin, but I would wear it if I was applying for an executive position.

Tone on tone shirts and ties, thats light blue shirt with dark a blue tie is super smart and shows that you are super serious about getting the job.

Accessories should be minimal but match your interview ensemble. If you wear a scarf, just wear just earrings with it.

If you have more than 3 pieces of jewellery on, you may have on too much.

Wearing a well polished and scuff free, closed toe shoe will bring the whole professional look together.

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