May 8, 2021

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Te Tai Tokerau election ‘extraordinary’ | TV3

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Tariana Turia says Solomon Tipene is a “lovely man, but doesn’t understand politics”

Tariana Turia says Solomon Tipene is a lovely man, but doesn't understand politics

By Ally Mullord (TV3 NEWS)


Four days out from the Te Tai Tokerau by-election, Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia is steering voters away from her party. Ms Turia has said Maori Party candidate Solomon Tipene is lovely and kind, but doesnt understand politics.

With Hone Harawira and Labours Kelvin Davis who are both polling around 40 percent now in a two-horse-race for the electorate, Otago University Political Scientist Bryce Edwards joined Firstline to discuss what he says is an extraordinary political situation.

Mr Edwards says Ms Turias decision to remove support from Mr Tipene is a strategic one, and will help the Maori Party kill Hone Harawiras chances of establishing his new Mana Party she can see that the Labour Party winning is the best chance of doing that.

They can see that the best chance of defeating [Mr Harawira] in the Te Tai Tokerau electorate is to hand Kelvin Davis the votes from the Maori Party.

Mr Tipenes selection was curious, Mr Edwards says.

[The Maori Party] didn’t really have a lot of strong material to put up, but there are some conspiracy theories that they deliberately chose a weak candidate because they wanted to give Labour an easy ride to knock out Hone Harawira, he says.

Mr Edwards says the situation, where the Maori Party and the Prime Minister are both endorsing an opposition candidate, is highly unusual and may not work in the Maori Partys favour.

You have the Prime Minister jumping in and giving an endorsement to Kelvin Davis, Labour’s candidate, he says.

That might backfireyou might have a lot of Maori Party voters going against these cues from Tariana Turia and John Key, and deliberately rebelling and voting Hone Harawira.

Mr Edwards says he thinks Mr Harawira has got this in the bag, and predicts the Mana Party leader will win the by-election by at least 10 percent.

If Mr Harawira does win the electorate, Mr Edwards says the Mana Party could get support from people who’ve got nowhere else to go, that think Labour are too far to the right.

“Theres a lot of left-wingers who are interested in this new Mana Party, he says.


Staff at hardly think that the conspiracy theories hold any water, if you know Tariana Turia, although she has and had issues with Hone, she simply HATES Labour and we’d find it hard to believe that she would want to see Labour take the seat.

Our preference will always be that any non-mainstream parties, like the Greens, Mana and Maori Party, work together.

Regardless of what you think, just remember if you are registered in Te Tai Tokerau, VOTE!

1 thought on “Te Tai Tokerau election ‘extraordinary’ | TV3

  1. The important Byelection!

    Our politics june 23, 2011, today, is according to our illustrious Big Brother media just going to be a quick “OOH gee Hone Harawira said the word ‘BULLSHIT’ and that’s all we got of the ‘debate’.

    Then straight in to long long convoluted discussion about some tough guy called Sonny Bill somebody or other, saying something or other about a game that should be called thugby
    cos of all the injuries it causes and which have long reporting time all of their own.

    Then more long debate about ‘Sharks’ versus ‘Crusaders’ worried about who gets a football to kick or carry quickly around and fall down and um ‘score’.
    Then woman having a period and upsetting one of…aww fuck it forget it.

    I am pissed off!

    Anyone else pissed off”
    Later tonight Big Brother media will take us to its own TV shows where words like mother f…er are screamed out.

    And Hone said he strongly hates this same putdown of women and our mothers that gaybo media illustrates constantly.
    He only vents ‘bullshit’ as an expletive,

    Vote Mana Vote Green

    Suck it down bullshit media.

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