May 17, 2021

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Testing our Defences – Environmental Protection Agency

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(Mars 2 Earth blog) I agree with the Greens on this new Environmental Protection Agency when they say that there is a lack of environmental advocates on the Board.

Anake is there but one or two voices will not stop the rest. And the other members of the board include “former managing director of road building giant Fulton Hogan David Faulkner, former Wellington mayor Kerry Prendergast and former Security Intelligence Service chief executive Richard Woods.” as well as Anake Goodall, Tim Lusk, Graham Pinnell, Taria Tahana and Gillian Wratt.

NZH (Adam Bennett)

Greens co-leader Dr Norman said the legislation which allowed for the establishment of the authority “had nothing in there” about environmental protection. “It’s mainly being used to fast track roading projects… now it’s going to have the job of fast tracking deep sea mining.”

You haven’t got a bunch of environmental specialists there, it’s been set up to enable short term economic development under the pretence of environmental protection. It is a totally dishonest process.”

The EPA will have big responsibilities.

The legislation will make the newly established Environmental Protection Authority responsible for issuing consents, monitoring and enforcement of activities within the EEZ which lies from 12km to 200km offshore and the Extended Continental Shelf, which lies beyond that. The EPA begins full operation next month and will process resource consent applications for nationally significant projects such as oil rigs and power stations.

The usual suspects pipe up

Petroleum Exploration and Production Association executive officer John Pfahlert told Morning Report that the proposed rules are similar to those imposed by other countries. He says tighter controls mean more costs for companies and a higher end price for oil and gas at the pump.

Yes higher prices so that the companies can manitain their profit – that is why they are fake concerns – the companies still make their profit and extra costs are loaded onto the pumps.

Greywolf are gone but they are just the expendable bunny sent to test the defences. Where the defences are strong the opponents begin to weaken them. Where the defences are weak, the opponents build up their forces and lines. We are strong in people power but we are vulnerable to multiple attacks and that is what they will exploit – human wave tactics – lots of applications, lots of resources they want, lots of areas all around our country. They will try to splinter opposition to their plans, they will try to alienate maori and environmentalists and communities. They will try to discredit and mock. They will cry false tears on marae and they go back and work out how to use that to their advantage. Make no mistake this is a serious game and they play seriously.

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