May 6, 2021

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Young Maori designers launch Skax label

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UPDATE: this story has been rewritten because the Rotorua Daily Post took offense at us running the whole story, they wanted a link to their website instead, which is hoha for our viewers. So we’re doing it the legit way (i.e the way the Daily Post ran a story of ours in the past)! 😛 blahh~!

A crew of young creative Maori designers have taken on the world of high-fashion. The brand, which launched on Saturday 11 June, is called Skax and is the brain child of Zach O’Neill and Andre Bidois and local graphic designer Nathan Mora, 26.

Mr O’Neill told the Daily Post that the “the first line of clothes would be men’s T-shirts, but their ultimate goal was to have a variety of things… Our goal is to slowly creep up to high fashion.”

He told the Daily Post that “T-shirts were designed for wearing out to town and in a few months he hoped the company would bring out ladies clothes, jeans and high fashion garments.”

New Zealand brands such as RPM and Huffer have been inspirational to and their goal is to take the Skax to an even higher level.

Skax is a colloquial term for hot, cool, flash and is unique to Aotearoa New Zealand (some spell is skuxx) and is used most by rangatahi. At last count their Facebook page had over 600 friends and their website is coming soon.

You can buy their gears at Serious Fun, on Tutanekai St in Rotorua and t-shirts will also be available at the Serious Fun store in Tauranga in a few weeks.

Mean Maori mean!

5 thoughts on “Young Maori designers launch Skax label

  1. All credit to the 3 "skax" lads themselves, great publicity allround I say. No need to bad mouth other media outlets-keep the in-house fighting just that, -in house….

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