May 9, 2021

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Don’t join Nat cabinet Maori tell Maori and Mana parties in poll

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Most Maori don’t want the Maori or Mana parties to have anything to do with a National cabinet after the November election.

They’re not that keen on Labour either but they prefer the two Maori parties to join a Labour cabinet or support a government on an issue-by-issue basis according to the finding of a new poll.

Whangaparoa-based Horizon Research Horizon questioned 481 Maori in the four weeks ending July 6 and also conducted a parallel survey of voting age New Zealanders of all ethnicities at the same time.

The poll of Maori found only 16.1 percent of them wanted the Maori Party to again accept cabinet seats in a National-led Government while 43.5 percent would prefer the party to accept cabinet seats in a Labour-led Government.

Only 9.7 percent wanted cabinet posts for Mana in a National government against 38.7 percent in a Labour-led one.

About a quarter of Maori want the Maori and Mana parties to decline seats in either

National- or Labour-led governments.

The all-ethnicities poll indicated the new Mana Party could attract 2.2 percent of the party vote, the Maori Party 0.9 percent.

The pollsters said Maori coalition government arrangement preferences were set against a feeling among 63.9 percent of Maori that the country was on the wrong track, 58.2 percent disapproving of Government economic management.

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