May 7, 2021

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Electoral Commission seeking fluent te reo Maori speakers (Waatea News)

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The Electoral Commission is looking for fluent Maori speakers to make sure Maori communities are informed about this year’s referendum on the electoral system.

Maori Media co-ordinator Mabel Wharekawa-Burt says the referendum gives people a chance to say how they think MPs should be elected.

She has some specific attributes in mind for the job, such as being apolitical, having a sense of being Maori and serving the Maori community, knowing how to network and arrange meetings, and being able to make these presentations without making people feel dumb.

Mabel Wharekawa-Burt says applicants need to be well connected with marae, runanga and Maori communities and be comfortable talking to people in their homes and on marae.

1 thought on “Electoral Commission seeking fluent te reo Maori speakers (Waatea News)

  1. Hemi Rau is a GUILTY Traitor! In the old days he would have been beheaded for these crimes against the KINGSHIP. Tainui dont want him so hes pushing his Tau iwi kaupapa in Otakanini Ngati Whatua. Hemi Rau is Tau Iwi orientated and cares only for MONEY. The people are irrelevent and he will spend every cent he can get his hand on, in the courts to further his GREED motivated Ideology. It is great the Tuku Morgan is a strong man and was not phased by the blind greed that Hemi Rau was trying to impose upon Tainui.
    I worry for the future of our Whanau and Whenua in the Kaipara ki te Tonga Rohe.
    Ngati Whatua ki Kaipara is under seige with this Bull head Hemi Rau at the Helm, Current Chairman of the Otakanini Topu incorporation. He has bought all his Tainui Commercial contacts such as MIGHTY RIVER POWER and railroaded all these windmills with basic to no consultation with the people. We have no resource such as Tainui, to Take this clown to court and make him accoutable. Help us Tuku Morgan, you know his colours. Investigate MIGHTY RIVER cause they are in his pocket, We are doomed without yous!! If he is like this with his fathers people TAINUI! Please spare US, His MOTHERS people, Ngati Whatua tuturu

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