May 19, 2021

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Real science for NZ’s brightest budding biologists

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The LENScience Senior Biology Seminar Series connects world-leading scientists with Year 13 biology students throughout New Zealand for regular curriculum-linked seminars.

The interactive e-learning experience is broadcast via video conferencing and multicast on KAREN to the National Education Network (NEN), and over satellite television. “We’re facing a global shortage of science graduates just when we need them most, KAREN is helping us to turn the problem around,” says Jacquie Bay, Director LENScience. For more, you can read the Growing the next generation of scientists case study. See the LENScience website for the schedule of seminars for 2011.

Get your copy of this case study

These case studies are available as A4 pdfs for you to download. You can find the full list of case studies on our publications page. We also have printed copies of KAREN case studies on hand and available for you to use. Simply contact us and we can send them to you.

LENScience outreach: KAREN spotlight #5

KAREN inspires NZ’s young, talented scientists by connecting teachers and students with world-leading medical researchers through the LENScience programme.

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