May 9, 2021

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A mum Ema talks about E Moe Mama: Maternal Sleep and Health study

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Ema tells us what it was like taking part in the E Moe Mama: Maternal Sleep and Health study.

I heard about the E Moe Mama study from a friend, and she explained that the research team were specifically looking for Maori women to take part. I read through the information and it was clear that the study would benefit Maori, so I enrolled. This is my second child but there is a big gap between her and her older sibling. So, I wasnt looking forward to going through the sleepless nights again.

Taking part in the study has made me prioritise getting enough sleep and rest. This time around baby was early, so she stayed in hospital for the first few weeks. By the time she was home she had a pretty good sleeping routine!

What I have really enjoyed about the E Moe Mama study is how much I have learnt and how easy it has been to take part, especially the phone survey. The research team were really friendly and getting $40 dollars worth of vouchers for taking part was an added bonus.

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