May 10, 2021

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Hatekehi Maori highlighted in One-off Billy T Special

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Maori Television is paying tribute to world famous Maori funny man Billy T James with a one-off special highlighting some of his best sketches.

With Billy T Te Movie opening in cinemas on Thursday 18 August, we have selected some of Billy T James most renowned sketches to showcase in a one-off Billy T Special screening on Friday 2 September at 8pm.

In 1987, Billy T set up his own company to produce his television series, which contained some of his classic and best loved sketches.

The Billy T Special is the pick of those sketches, re-edited by Maori Television in collaboration with Tom Parkinson, who also produced Billy T Te Movie. Join Maori Television for a hilarious 60 minutes that not only shows some of the best of Billy T but is a fitting tribute to the late great comedian.

Tune into Maori Television on Friday 2 September at 8pm for a hatakehi night with our Billy T Special.

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