May 9, 2021

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Maori Art Market focuses on authenticity

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Cheap, mass-produced, overseas-made Maori art including fake paua and greenstone is flooding into New Zealand ahead of the Rugby World Cup and will leave many tourists disappointed when they discover its true origins, says leading contemporary Maori artist Darcy Nicholas.

But there is an alternative in the form of the biennial MAORI ART MARKet, which has become this countrys largest gathering of leading and emerging contemporary Maori artists and will coincide with the final pool games and the quarter finals of the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

We cant stop the fakes coming in, but we can educate the tourists to beware and at the same time offer genuine Maori-made items that will retain their intrinsic value, says Mr Nicholas, who is the Creative Director for the MAORI ART MARKet being staged at Te Rauparaha Arena and Pataka Museum in Porirua City from October 6 – 9.

If tourists want genuine they will only have to walk through the door to meet and talk to more than 200 contemporary artists and discover top quality and genuine Maori artwork, Mr Nicholas said. Prices will start from less than a hundred dollars and upwards to several hundred dollars for the more expensive, greenstone, bone carving, gold and silver jewellery through to bigger ticket items such as claywork, paintings and sculpture, Mr Nicholas said.

Art has no language barrier and we can tell visitors about our history and immerse them in our culture through the work that we display, he said. It is contemporary art so it reflects the heritage and creative energy of our people as they see it today. Many of our contemporary artists exhibit and travel internationally and have established international reputations and art dealers who manage their work.

[sws_pullquote_right]Contemporary Maori artists include Beverly Rhodes, Maria Brockhill, Barry Te Whatu, Norm Heke, Regan Balzer and Tanu Aumua. [/sws_pullquote_right] MAORI ART MARKet will start at 6.30pm on 4 October 2011 with a formal welcome at Pataka Museum for artists Bunmei Okabe from Japan and Grahame Sydney, the New Zealand invited artist.

[sws_yellow_box box_size=”615″] The grand opening of MAORI ART MARKet will be the following night at 6.00pm 5 October 2011, in the Te Rauparaha Arena. It will feature food, wine, fashion, musicians and opera singers. It is expected to be attended by the artists, invited guests, art collectors and buyers who will be given the first choice of the work on sale. [/sws_yellow_box]

Specially invited guest artists to MAORI ART MARKet this year include Dan Namingha from USA, Benmei Okabe from Japan, Danny Eastwood from Australia, Grahame Sydney from New Zealand, Philipe Tohe, New Zealand Tongan, Fatu Feuu, New Zealand Samoan, and New Zealand documentary broadcaster Peter Coates.

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