May 10, 2021

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Ngati Hine leader slams Tuhoronuku bid – WaateaNews

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The Ngapuhi Runanga faces concerted opposition over the next two weeks as it takes its Tuhoronuku plan out for approval.

The runanga is asking Ngapuhi members to give a mandate to an independent subcommittee to negotiate a settlement for historical claims.

Critics say the wrong people are in charge, and the tribe should wait for the Waitangi Tribunal hearings to finish before opening talks with the Crown.

Ngati Hine chair Waihoroi Shortland says Tuhoronuku treats the settlement as a one size fits all process, which will deny the right of individual hapu to have their grievances heard.

Ngapuhi never exists without the hapu. Ngapuhi is only a confederation. It never signed up to the treaty as Ngapuhi. It only exists from time to time when hapu decide to confederate for whatever the purpose they want to do. So this is what is being denied here. There are hapu who dont want to confederate in the way these people are setting it up, Mr Shortland says.

Tuhoronuku will hold a mandating hui in Wellington tonight.

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