May 8, 2021

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Style NOW for your closet – Donald Hollingsworth

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Staple components for a successful professional wardrobe. a closet with all the right clothes you need to have all the right staples.

A great staple garment is something you can wear with many things.

That perfect knit or shoes that helps your whole ensemble exist. The sort of option you put on and it just goes with everything.

A great pair pants, a well tailored jacket or a stunning black dress can also be the perfect staple garment.

Having styled professional wardrobes for clients who are first entering the workforce, i wanted to share some of my basics with you.

If you have a office or service position that requires you to look professional, aim for the following items when building your work wardrobe.

Top options

*3 well tailored jackets.

*2 shirts.

*2 round neck tops.

*A V neck knit or jersey.

*3 dresses, knee length.

Bottom options

*2 pants.

*1 skirt or vice versa.

As long as you change your top every day your jacket and bottoms changed every other day, your professional wardrobe can always be different but still the same.

These professional staples can last you a season.

To encourage season longevity launder your daily changes with care and air your jackets every time you wear them.

If you wear the jackets regularly dry clean them every 2 weeks.


*1 open toed shoe.

*1 closed toe.

* 1 knee high boot.

The lighter and brighter the shoe or boot the more attention it will attract.

If you want your shoes to be the focal point of your ensemble wear a darker coloured top and bottom.

Professional accessories

My favorite part of styling is adding the accessories. A complete change of accessories can turn a professional ensemble you wear all the time into something totally new.

*Shop for scarfs in square, rectangle and long.

*Buy them in silk, wool and cotton.

You can never have enough scarfs, they can brighten and soften your ensemble and also keep you warm.

Find different bold Jewelry which can add lift, shine and interest to any work outfit.

*Costume jewelry.

*Belts with bling.

*Bold bracelets.

*Large earrings are all style making accessories.

The right accessory should complement your ensemble not distract so don’t over do it!

Choosing the right colour for you

Successful colour choice for me is based around your skin complexion and also colour that makes you feel great.

*Pale yellow skin tone:

Choose colours that are sharp, white, black, navy blue, red and pink, keep away from beige or gold.

*Pink pale skin:

Try on colours that are rose or soft blue, lavender, plum or purple. Orange is best avoided if you have pale pink skin.

*Brown skin with olive undertones:

Your first colour option is blue like midnight blue or sky blue also tones in grey or camel are complementary.

My colour combinations, are a guide to follow, but for me whites suits everyone.

White next to the skin is always complementary.

When styling I think instinctively with my clients and you should yourself when deciding on colour.

If you feel great in it then wear it!

2 thoughts on “Style NOW for your closet – Donald Hollingsworth

  1. Hello Donald!
    I totally agree with your suggestions for brown/olive skin tones, I was telling a friend the other day that grey is a by-product of my two favourite colours, and because they are monochromatic they go with anything!Grey, black, pink and deep reds can all be worn together bold for bold, whites, yes, definitely.
    Just a question did you mean to write camel or was it meant to be caramel? I’m sure it would be great anyway….

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