May 7, 2021

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Tuku Morgan reaffirmed as Chairman of Te Arataura

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Te Arataura The executive board of Waikato-Tainui Te Kauhanganui Inc has today reaffirmed Tukoroirangi Morgan as its Chair.

Acting Chair Patience Te Ao said the rules of Te Kauhanganui are clear that a resolution to oust the Chair needed to be supported by 50 percent of marae.

That threshold was not met when the vote was taken on Saturday, Mrs Te Ao said.

Te Arataura took independent legal advice which confirmed its interpretation of the rules, and a resolution passed to reaffirm Mr Morgan as Chair, she said.

Mrs Te Ao said the board hopes this brings the matter to a close. However, we will work hard with Te Kauhanganui to resolve any outstanding matters.

3 thoughts on “Tuku Morgan reaffirmed as Chairman of Te Arataura

  1. Sorry MB I don’t see it as good news and I’m annoyed that it appears that due to not following proper protocol te Kauhunganui weren’t able to carry out something that was passed onto the media. 2 issues for me 1) He’s back 2) If what we read here is correct then someone somewhere in te Kauhunganui needs to be better versed in the rules. I don’t think either issue is a good thing for Tainui

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