May 18, 2021

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Manu Samoa popular with rugby supporters

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Manu Samoa heads to its opening match of the Rugby World Cup against Namibia in an hour with a growing following from all over the world.

Audrey Hill, radio presenter from Australia writes, You guys are amazing! How awesome!

Even getting the support of respected Tongan church leader Rev. Tavake Tupou is quite humbling who writes. All the best – Go Manu Samoa!

Niuean community leader Manogi Tavelia and a member of the Grey Lynns adopt-a-second-team adds her support, All the best to Manu Samoa.

Samoans around the world are united in their support as they hope for a repeat of the 1991 and 1995 campaign by Manu Samoa; but a semi final placing will be out of this world. The call Go Manu is now the universal greeting for Manu Samoa supporters from near and far.

Samoas Ambassador to the United Nations, Aliioaiga Feturi Elisaia writes, Go Manu. Kind regards from New York.

Mata Salatielu writes from American Samoa, Go Manu. We love the boys in blue!

Siaosi Meleisea from Hawaii writes, Go Manu.

More evident of the support for Manu Samoa is noted in New Zealand where Samoan flags are flying on fences and flag post of family homes and even at work places.

Work mates at Health Star Pacific in Panmure, Auckland are certainly getting into the spirit of the rugby theme song World in Union with everyone including Fijians, Tongans and Kiwis getting behind Samoa today.

Health Star Pacific CEO Togiaoatua Vaifagaloa Naseri-Moepogai said, It started with some of our staffs who are not Tongan turning up at work two weeks ago with red Ikale Tahi shirts and requesting time off to go to the airport to welcome the Tongan team on their arrival.

So today were all wearing Manu Samoa colours and waving a Samoan flag. Of course with a bit of creativity using a stock of blue Breast Screening t-shirts to substitute for the Manu Samoa jersey.

As a Pacific health organisation, we also support the Flying Fijians and the All Blacks. We shouldnt have much problem with a substitute wear for their colours, as we Pacific people have a lot of black and white church clothes, Togiai said with a smile.

Police are however becoming concerned regarding the attachment and flying of larger flags from private motor vehicles.

According to Police Inspector Warwick Morehu, We have witnessed instances of vehicles over loaded with passengers and the flying of larger flags, in many cases passengers holding poles for these larger flags through car windows.

Manu Samoa supporter and Pacific Police Coordinator has a word of advice for rugby supporters, We just want to ensure that we all consider our own and others safety especially at this time when the wind is high without dampening anyones excitement and enjoyment during this period.

If you wish to receive updates on the Manu Samoa RWC 2011 campaign, subscribe for free by replying with the words GO MANU in the subject line. By the way, you dont have to be Samoan to support the boys in blue and yes you can forward this email to your friends and families.

Go Manu!

Many thanks to Edwin Puni for this cool panui and ae, Go Manu!!

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