May 10, 2021

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National Federation of Maori Authorities HUI A ROHE Friday 16th September, 2011.

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An Opportunity to meet with the National FoMA Executive Committee is nearly upon our doorstep.

Every Maori Land Trust and Incorporation developing a strategic business plan for the future and empowering the up and coming leaders of tomorrow can benefit from attendance and interacting with the National Executive. Those organizations which are managing the affairs on behalf of the beneficiaries can also gain important perspectives from attendance.

Please nominate individuals to attend the Hui A Rohe. As seen in the information below all regions will have a chance to impact the strategy for the future.

A brief look at the FoMA website can inform each of you to the width and breath of the tasks being undertaken by the National Body.

Contact Jenna-Faith on the information below before Wednesday 14th September if possible.

Jenna-Faith Allan
Project Coordinator

Federation of Maori Authorities

Pae Tukutuku:

1 thought on “National Federation of Maori Authorities HUI A ROHE Friday 16th September, 2011.

  1. Tena Koe your upcoming Hui a Rohe is all the talk in Taumarunui I am a Trustee for a Sheep & Beef Station here. Many owners have enquired if we are sending a rep along.I have enquired with our office if we are registered with FOMA & have been informed that we are not. I have viewed the agenda for the Taupo Hui it would be a shame that we are unable to attend.Could you enlighten me with the criteria of being associated with your organisation. I am on your mailing list as i receive emails from you’s.

    Nga Mihi
    Evelyn Kereopa
    Trustee: Taringamotu Otamakahi Trust, Taumarunui

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