May 17, 2021

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Impacts of Resource Development on Native American Lands

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What is this collection?

This collection contains an assortment of digital resources relevant to exploring Native American land and resource development by using investigative case studies. We will systematically take an Earth System approach to understand resource development on Native American lands.

Who is this information for?

This collection is designed primarily for undergraduate and graduate level instructors and students. Of particular interest is to provide this information in an organized manner for Native American peoples involved in the geosciences, and interest and recruit Native American geoscience students.

About this project

Learn more about this project here.

To get started, let’s explore the Navajo Nation!

This is a self guided tour through the impacts of resource development on Native American lands. The first case study will provide you with information on uranium mining on the Navajo Nation. Get started by looking at the recommended Study Guide, or begin with the Geology of the Navajo Nation.

The following case studies have been developed to tell the story of what happened there:

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Many thanks to Manu Caddie for sharing this link.

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