May 10, 2021

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Tawhai McClutchie for Mana Te Ikaroa Rawhiti

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Mana Movement get in behind Tawhai McClutchie for the Maori Seat of Te Ikaroa Rawhiti!

Mana Party members and whanau across Te Ikaroa Rawhiti are standing beside Tawhai McClutchie in support of his campaign for the Maori Seat of Te Ikaroa Rawhiti Electorate.

Led by the Mana Partys Head Branch of Te Ikaroa Rawhiti, Te Mana o Kahungungu, and Tawhais own Branch in Ruatorea, Mr. McClutchies campaign is launching an effort to raise the awareness of the Mana Party values, especially within the issues of environmental, employment, and social wellbeing- matters very close to Mr. McClutchies heart.

In this difficult economic climate, Tawhai presents a fresh, compassionate perspective on the hardships facing Maori and New Zealanders across Te Ikaroa Rawhiti, said Huia Huata, the Chair of Te Mana o Kahungungu. We are very excited to stand and march proudly beside Tawhai during his run for the Ikaroa Rawhiti Seat.

Tawhai McClutchie of Ngati Porou was born, raised, and educated in Ruatoria. His 15 years working on deepsea oil rigs has given him witness first-hand to the devastation of the oil rigs and has made him against all drilling in Te Raukumara and the Hawkes Bay. When I was young I worked on oil rigs around the world and here. I worked on the Maui A in Taranaki so I know all about pollution from oil drilling. This National Government has no idea what its getting us all into with drilling. So we have no choice but to lead a peoples fight to stop drilling off our coastline, said Mr. McClutchie.

Tawhai has spent his life working within the environment and amongst Maori, upon which he believes the two are closely linked, and where Mana Party offer answers to current problems.

As Ive gotten older, Ive become more convinced that the way to grow and collect kai is to do it by the Matariki and the Maramatanga (Maori lunar calendar). This is organics with Tikanga Maori (Maori customs & tradition) and a thousand years of reading nature. In other words, Maori Organics. My company East Coast Organics was among the first to get into bee keeping and produce Manuka Honey using the Matariki and Maramatanga. I developed the Maori Standards for Organic Bee Keeping. And Manas Policy to promote and resource fund organic and hua parakore (Tikanga Maori system of food production) is a policy I believe can give people independence upon their own land and uplift Maori communities in these hard times.

I believe our people deserve better than the National and Maori Party led Government. Im on the ground in Ruatoria with our people so I know what were all going through. I will be working further with our people throughout Te Ikaroa Rawhiti. Our wellbeing is my utmost goal toward a better future, said Mr. McClutchie.

For more information or to support Tawhai McClutchies campaign, call Pine Tamahori: 0220772583. Or visit Tawhai McClutchie & Mana Ruatorea on Facebook.

5 thoughts on “Tawhai McClutchie for Mana Te Ikaroa Rawhiti

  1. My apologies. I missed something on my last post. I would not like to see off shore drilling of any kind in my area of the Bay of Islands and also anywhere else in New Zealand.

  2. Well this man certainly knows what he’s talking about and he has experienced 1st hand what the deep sea and offshore drilling has done to the ecosystem and environment. Im from the Bay of Island in a place called Te Rawhiti, right in the heart of the Bay of Islands about half way between Kororareka [Russell] and Cape Brett by sea and land. Im from the Ngapuhi tribe.[Ngati kuta]
    We would not like to see this sort of thing happening up our way. We have an abundance of kai moana all year around, our waters are pristine and all migrating pods of whales dolphins etc plus massive flocks of birds pass thru the Bay of Islands.
    If this man has a honest, good and solid agenda,I would vote for him anyday.

  3. Kia ora Matua Tawhai; we in “Mana Turanga” are backing you all the way. We have a big uphill battle all the way, but being ‘Maori’ we’re use to being the underdog.

    I’ve switched from supporting the “Maori Party” because of their alliance with “National” I knew they would just be used as tolken figures to calm us Maori down while National undermineded our indigenous rights.

    I believe it’s better to make a noise inside parliment & be outside the “coallition tent”, than to be inside the tent & be made to shut up.

    E whahai tonu tatou ake ake ake. Tino Rangatiratanga

  4. I fully support all organics and protection of our land and sea from polution and wrong use. I hope the Mana party will support my website against genetically engineered food and animals in. New Zealand. Thye world is fighting Genetic Engineered food. The USA goverment is pushing it arounbd the world.

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