May 10, 2021

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Voting deadline for Ngapuhi mandate process – RadioNZ

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The ballot box closes at noon on Wednesday for Ngapuhi people voting on a mandate process to settle Treaty of Waitangi claims.

The runanga-led board, , has held 18 hui throughout the country and two meetings in Australia to find out whether New Zealand’s biggest iwi favours direct negotiations with the Crown.

The Tai Tokerau hui have been tense at times, with fierce exchanges between Tuhoronuku chair Sonny Tau, opponents of direct negotiations and their lawyers.

A number of hapu, including the biggest sub-tribe Ngati Hine, have asked the Waitangi Tribunal or the Maori Land court to intervene, saying Tuhoronuku does not fairly represent them.

Tuhoronuku sources say the board will see how the voting has gone before it decides whether to apply to the Crown to recognise its mandate – and it is open to talks with dissenting hapu.

The voting has been handled by a Christchurch firm and it says registrations will need to be verified before the votes can be counted – a process that could take a couple of weeks.

1 thought on “Voting deadline for Ngapuhi mandate process – RadioNZ

  1. Don’t look at what your going thru look to where we want to go as a nation. We are only caretakers of the lands it belongs to god on that bases it’s generational care with sustainable growth so there a hunter gatherer mentality not govt dependant. Who is the Law Firm ? please thank you.

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