May 10, 2021

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Waka Maori Critics Should Stop Playing Politics

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A Ngati Whatua leader is angry the Waka Maori venue for Auckland’s waterfront is continuing to be used as a political football.

Te Runanga o Ngati Whatua chairman, Naida Glavish, says the ongoing sniping from Labour MP Shane Jones is insidious, short on facts, and disloyal to his people.

“Shane should pause and think about the impact of his criticism. Ngati Whatua and Iwi across the country have been doing a stunning job of representing Maori culture on a world stage during the Rugby World Cup. We are creating a wonderful bow wave for our people. It is a shame Shane is messing about in the backwash playing local politics.”

Naida Glavish says the Waka Maori initiative is a wonderful demonstration of Maori innovation, drawing on ancient traditions and bringing them to life with a 21st century flavour.

” There has been too much misinformation about this project. It is on target and on budget and is set to bring a wonderful new dynamic to the ongoing Auckland waterfront celebrations during Rugby World Cup.”

For further information, please contact Naida Glavish: 021 722 086.

Or Andrew Melville, communication advisor, 021 360 075.

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