May 19, 2021

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A recommendation for an updated New Zealand and Maori Predictive TXT database

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Using word frequency lists including: a Maori predictive text list, lists of common Maori words in New Zealand English and common Maori words used in Maori. I discuss and analyse which words would be most beneficial in a Maori predictive text database for Maori and introduce the need to update New Zealand English databases used for predictive texting and spell checking.

Maori are higher users of mobile devices than non-Maori in New Zealand. Yet, the only support for Maori language is an outdated predictive word list that was offered in 2009 by Telecom New Zealand. I have complied a new and updated list and am freely distributing it.

It is unclear to me how the original list was compiled as it does not have any major commonality with other published lists of both popular Maori words in the English language or in any high frequency Maori words as used by Maori speakers.

I have compiled an updated list by combining several well-known popular Maori words that appear in New Zealand English Language lists, which has produced a list of 456 Maori words that should be included in any New Zealand Language predictive and spelling database due to their commonality.

Furthermore, the word frequency list as compiled by Mary Boyce (2006) and a high frequency word list of Maori words used in Twitter (Indigenous Tweets), I recommend that a new predictive list for M?ori speakers be considered using frequently used words by Maori speakers.

The updated predictive list can be downloaded here

The research paper can be downloaded and read here

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