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MANA Rangatahi, Friday 14 October 2011

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On Saturday the 15th of October, the peoples of the world will occupy towns, city centres, business & economic hubs, the world all over. This is an act of global solidarity headed by one, single and unanimous outcry: We are the 99%.

A campaign occupation raising awareness on the trend of global poverty forced upon the so called undeveloped and indeed the apparent developed countries themselves.

MANA Rangatahi will stand in Queen Street with the peoples of the world, supporting and joining in the effort this Saturday. Government protection of corporate interests over that of the peoples and tax exemptions to the rich continues to deteriorate the welfare of this country. Indeed while the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer.

More than 200,000 children live below the poverty line, a direct contradiction of section 3 of the MANA Rangatahi mission statement which states;

3.) That we will strive in providing for succession plans in which the well-being of our nation is maintained, accommodating for the creation of adequate circumstances which benefit future generations, that continued existence is paramount and should be fostered exponentially

When the people in power choose to ignore, buy, silence or snub the voices of our tamariki, MANA Rangatahi will advocate for their awareness and the protection of all tamariki.

When sections of the older generation really couldnt bother to look at what type of legacy they will have to leave behind, MANA Rangatahi will push reason to hold them accountable.

When our children who live in poverty begin to conform to their circumstances and buy the line that the life they live is normal or acceptable, MANA Rangatahi will paddle against the tide!

These children will grow to become the life blood force of this country and indeed reflect the society we will have to come to live in as it is said;

Ka pu te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi As the old not withers, another must replace it.

Our tamariki will become our rangtahi and therein, our pakeke. MANA Rangatahi encourages all peoples of all ages, languages and backgrounds, especially rangatahi/youth to participate in these acts of global solidarity. This will be the world we will have to inherit. and when it seems to become screwed it up, it will be up to us to permeate the days of our children. Fittingly, when the people lead, leaders and politicians will follow.

Leaders of tomorrow so goes the saying and tomorrow has come! Assemble and join Global, National, Regional & Local rallies near you!

Mana Rangatahi is maintaining the cultural legacies of our forebears, threading the social fabric of existence upon which the people are integrally interwoven and sustained

Mana Movement of The People.

Media spokesperson for this press release:

Ngaa Rauuira Puumanawawhiti Mana Rangatahi & Ikaroa Rawhiti Representative.

Contact: 021 177 4601 (Te Reo Rangatira & & English)

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