May 7, 2021

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Matakana Island – oil spill clean up – Iwi Response

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Tena koutou e te whanau,

The oil has hit the island as of Monday after the big storm, it appears to be at its worst at the Northern end at Paretata & Waikoura going around into Te Uretureture. It’s totally distressing & devastating, heoi ano, we can’t sit around crying. We are mobilised to get on with the clean up.

We have been told by the officials, NOT to clean up until we have been trained and have the proper equipment. Unfortunately, being the Islanders we are, that’s not good enough for us.

The whanau met this morning at Opureora and about 40 of the whanau went out to pipeline to start the clean up.

Tomorrow, (Thursday)we are meeting at Opureora again at 9.00am to regroup and organise our teams. The officials are sending over clean up trainers in the morning to train us to clean up safely. They will also be providing us with some equipment to clean up. In the meantime Ngai Te Rangi Runanga is organising some gloves, masks & bags for us for apopo too.

Whanau we need as many hands on deck as we can. Small children are not encouraged to be part of the mahi, because of the toxicity etc of the paru oil. Older children can be involved but please be aware of the seriousness of this mahi and what is involved. It is deadly toxic and dangerous.

We are encouraging the whanau to eat before you come to the beach & when you go home after the beach. Just water to drink is all we need at the beach cos of the toxicity.

Please send this out to your whanau contacts and to facebook. We will meet apopo at Opureora.

Donna Poka – home & mobile contacts are 075776102; 0272577242. Waea mai !!!

2 thoughts on “Matakana Island – oil spill clean up – Iwi Response

  1. It’s always been Maori country Gavin, thats probably why you cant stand them. Cause not only is it 2011 and they still have an Iwi [tribe), which you don’t have..or haven’t since the Roman Empire, but they also continue to stand in the face of Globalization, and do a HAKA.

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