May 19, 2021

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Tauranga Moana Iwi Response Unit, Panui 13 – 25 Oct, 8pm

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The purpose of this panui is to provide a daily snapshot of the ongoing oil clean up effort for our whanau, hapu, iwi and other interested parties.

The Tauranga Moana Iwi Response Unit has been especially set up by Iwi of Tauranga in response to the disaster and to help protect our ancestral waters, traditional food resources, culture and people from the impact of this disaster.

Contact details for the unit are Ph: 07 5753765 ext 228 and Email: [email protected]


Venue, date, time of next training session:

Wednesday 26/10/2011,

Not trained: 9.00am – Te Runanga o Ngai Te Rangi Iwi Trust

Training Completed: 10.00am – Mount Maunganui Surf Club

Resources volunteers should bring with them to training and clean-ups:

Gumboots, lunch, water

Our volunteers continued the clean up in the vicinity of rock pools around Mauao today.

A representative of Oil Spill Response spoke with our team leader Porina McLeod, and she explained to him the techniques that have been found to be more effective. He is going to investigate the options and their different impacts on the environment and meet with her again in the morning.

A hui is being held tomorrow afternoon for all of our marae / hapu hub representatives within Tauranga Moana and we will use this opportunity to compare notes, discuss any concerns and the long term plan for clean up. Even though the beaches are looking clean, there is still a lot of work to be done, therefore we encourage you to contact us if you are available to assist in clean up. We can work in with you!

We will also streamline reporting via the Tauranga Moana Iwi Response Team and the hubs as there have been some identified communication issues.

If you have recently been added to our mailing list, copies of the panui are available on the following websites:


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