May 16, 2021

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A New Way of Doing Business: The Maori Way

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With the collapse of the economic markets on a global scale, its obvious that the normal way of doing business is not working. Business consultants and expert specialists are scampering around looking for new business solutions – the next big thing. The answer is simple of course. The problem was caused by greed and therefore can only be reversed by its counter – aroha. Sounds simple, but how do we create corporate cultures that encourage aroha?

The answer may reside in the indigenous and traditional knowledge pockets throughout the world. The Warriors Way, a new company, is looking to provide a link that applies traditional Maori knowledge in the corporate sector.

Kiri Dell, founder and director says … there are many simple Maori values and dynamics that the corporate sector could learn from. One of these is the Maori ability to operate effectively in the collective. Why are Maori so good and working in groups? And how can this be applied to the management sector? Dell has been teasing out these reasons and recreating ways of delivering these Maori philosophies that suit the corporate environment.

“Whats really interesting is that to Maori it is just a normal way of being. When you go to the marae and pick up a tea towel and dry 200 plates of your own free will, you have contributed towards a collective purpose. Or the thousands and thousands of unpaid hours that Maori put into an up and coming performance at the Matatini, simply for the mana of standing on stage. What is it about the collective Maori physche that drives us to work so diligently for our group?”

Maori tikanga can provide management solutions that may be an essential key to recreating corporate culture that give organisations a better personality.

The Warriors Way designs teambuilding activities and workshops that highlight Maori values that assist organisational culture. For example, one of these activities Papatuanukus Garden looks at assessing products and services not only on their profit making ability, but also on their environmental, spiritual, social and cultural value.

A very Maori view that perceives business holistically.

The world is looking for new and fresh business solutions, little do they know that the answers are actually centuries and centuries old.

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