May 10, 2021

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Author Keynote Speaker at Maori National Business Event

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Calvin Helin will be a keynote speaker at the Federation of Maori Authorities (FoMA) annual conference taking place in Tauranga New Zealand from November 11-13, 2011. FoMA is the national organization that represents Maori corporate interests in New Zealand. Mr. Helin will be speaking about his experiences in developing international finance, and trade with China, Austria, and United States of America. He will also be addressing opportunities for the Maori and Aboriginal Canadians to cooperate in the areas of business and trade and the potential for a trade agreement.

As is taking place in Canada, the economic clout of the Maori population is growing. This fact combined with demographic trends is resulting in both populations becoming ever more critical to the prosperity and competitiveness of their respective nations.

The recent report from the Toronto Dominion Bank and the Canadian Council of Aboriginal business titled Estimating the Size of the Aboriginal Market in Canada determined that combined Aboriginal household, business and government income increased from $12 billion in 2001 to $24 billion in 2011 and is projected to rise to $32 billion by 2016. When you factor in Aboriginal assets consisting of massive land holdings and the huge influence over natural resource development exercised by Aboriginal people, it is clear that Aboriginal Canadians are poised to become major players in their national economy.

Similar trends are also taking place with Maori. The commercial asset base of FoMA members has grown from $8.9 billion in 2001 to $36 billion in 2010 and future potential growth represents a similar trajectory to that of Aboriginal Canadians.

In addition to being an entrepreneur and lawyer, Helin is an author with a growing international reputation. His bestselling book Dances with Dependency is going into its third printing and his latest book The Economic Dependency Trap was recently recognized as a finalist in the highly competitive USA “Best Books” Awards

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