May 9, 2021

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Maketu Rena cleanup

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From the desk of Elaine Tapsell:-

Hi everyone. Tomorrow, Tuesday 22nd November is a day off.
Resuming Wednesday 23rd November at 10am.

  • There wont be a newsletter tomorrow hence we are alerting volunteers ahead of time. Julian advises a spring tide on Friday so that will be interesting as to effects.
  • The faithfuls were out there again to day, mostly on the spit. You fullas looked good can see you know what you are doing, real professionals.
  • Niven did a thorough beach assessment this morning from the surf club to shag rock.
    He found another oil patch which may have been due to shifting sands revealing the stuff. But Niven says the beach is looking really, really good now. Carolyn says the same. Tom from MNZ agrees residual concerns about the spit. Getting close to a full re-opening thanks to the hard work of the Maketu oil busters. World champions at rock cleaning! Best team of marae cooks in the world!
  • Clean up committee met tonight and discussed winding down and ongoing recovery plans. Some clarification needed from Maritime re the Decontamination unit removal, skip removals at Newdicks and Te Tumu cut. Also the need to store boom and other equipment for a rapid response for any other spill, return of truck and quad bike, etc. etc. Good news is that we will meet next Monday to plan a celebration.
  • Pia, Mina, Tony, and Laurence got their quad bike licenses very thorough training and testing. Something like over half quad bike accidents are on the flat Mina said. Training arranged by the Iwi liaison team, at ICC. This was largely due to Mike Borrell from Te Punas efforts. Thanks Mike. We now have a group prepared safety-wise for ongoing monitoring using quad bikes.
  • Ongoing cleaning plan: this week: Tuesday off, Wednesday 10 am; Thursday off; Friday 12noon and Sunday to be advised, probably 1pm ish. Next week Wednesday and Sunday. People who are trained and have some spare time are welcome to get some kit up gear from Elaine, (5332503) for their own spot cleaning of beach, say after work. Much of the small debris sometime washes up with oil caught up in it. Adrienne Reid is planning on doing the odd spot of cleaning. Thanks Adrienne.
  • Kitchen will wind down also after this week, but still plan to provide refreshments for teams on cleaning days. Niven says we are entering our 45th cleaning day.
  • Wildlife response team is organising returns of dotterels at Pukehina, Otamarakau and further east. Tomorrow there will be the release of around 60 little blue penguins at Mount Maunganui
  • Maritime NZ said today that oil is daily emanating from the Rena as the sea flushes out the interior of the vessel with the tidal surge. The larger sheen seen yesterday was thought to be caused by oil being flushed from the cross alleyways between # 4 and # 5 hold.

Koina, God bless.

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