May 10, 2021

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Mana Movement – Policy at a glance

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Mana leader Hone Harawira


  • Build a comprehensive public transport system costing $1 per day to use.
  • Build a rural public transport system


  • Provide healthy meals for all children at schools.
  • Create community gardens at schools.
  • Abolish National Standards.
  • Ensure no-one leaves school without moving to a job or training.
  • Create quality apprenticeship schemes without high tertiary education fees.
  • Early childhood centres get equal funding.
  • Low and Middle-income families get free ECE.
  • Changing education so it works for Maori, Pasifika and poor families.
  • Cancel integrated school agreements so all schools are public.
  • Reduce and then end all tertiary fees.
  • Provide incentives for graduates to work where there is demand.

Law and Order

  • Build a culture of non-violence in homes, schools and communities.
  • Full funding for womens refuge, rape crisis and men-stopping-violence groups.
  • Outlaw pokie machines

Economy (incl. tax)

  • Develop an economic development programme.
  • Eradicate unemployment by pursuing measures of ensuring jobs.
  • Increase minimum wage to $15 per hour.
  • Change employment law so workers have greater bargaining power.
  • Require all SOE and Maori entities to employ New Zealand residents or face severe penalties.
  • Process New Zealand resources in New Zealand.
  • Create community jobs for those currently unemployed.
  • Electricity and water companies would become not-for-profit.
  • Restrict bank profits on loans, credit cards and mortgages.
  • Remove GST from everything but tax fast food and soft drinks.
  • Introduce a Hone Heke tax which taxes financial speculation.
  • The first $27,000 earned in low-income houses would be tax-free.
  • High-earners would pay high taxes.
  • Introduce a capital gains tax (excluding Maori land and family home)
  • Reintroduce inheritance tax.
  • Crack down on tax avoidances.
  • Close tax loopholes.
  • Create a community-owned banking network that is not-for-profit.
  • Increase alcohol tax.


  • Give Iwi the same powers as local/central Government when developing environmental policies.
  • Ban fracking, deep-sea oil drilling, 1080 and GM crops.
  • Investigate the environmental and social effects of nanotechnology.
  • Promote organics.
  • Invest in sustainable energy generation.
  • Fund the regeneration of native forests.
  • Manufacturers are responsible for the entire life-cycle of their products.
  • Strictly regulate toxic chemicals.

Social Welfare

  • Increase benefit payments so they the same rate as a living income.
  • Overhaul the benefit system so beneficiaries are paid fairly.
  • Intensive support for parents until their child turns three.
  • Government will ensure every New Zealander is housed.
  • Build 20,000 state-houses in the next 2 years.
  • Pay $1000 to everyone aged over 18 with an annual income of less than $30,000.
  • Reinstate the training incentive allowance.
  • Superannuation entitlement age remains at 65.
  • Create a special ombudsman to deal with complaints against WINZ staff.

Asset Sales

  • No asset sales.


  • Eradicate third world diseases.
  • Make the public health system free for everybody.
  • After-hours doctors are free for under-16s and senior citizens.
  • Free dental care.
  • Care for teeth, ears and eyes would join the primary health sector.
  • Protect Pharmac from free-trade agreements.
  • Address racism in health.
  • Ban tobacco advertising and, eventually, ban tobacco altogether.
  • Ban alcohol advertising and restrict fast-food advertising.
  • Communities can veto pubs, loan sharks and fast food businesses from setting up.


  • Establish a Te Reo Maori Authority to protect Te Reo and Matauranga Maori it will fund all Maori programmes and education providers instead of the Ministry of Education and TEC.
  • Develop initiatives to accelerate learning of Te Reo and Matauranga.
  • Remove the 2014 deadline for treaty settlement completion.
  • Increase resourcing to the Waitangi Tribunal and allow it to make binding recommendations.
  • Allow graduated claim payouts rather than lump-sum settlements.
  • The Maori version of the Treaty is used.
  • Change the way political and legal power is structured


  • Introduce a rental housing warrant of fitness

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2 thoughts on “Mana Movement – Policy at a glance

  1. How about what martin luther king wanted equality for all, not just us Maori’s. Lets forget this Mana Party which is openly racist and trying to create a gap between race, 2000’s now people we are all human if ya cant move forward together i ask whats the alternative? Hell always going on about land and the maori people, i for one as a Maori get so frustrated, i see where some of these people are coming from but honestly land in essence does not belong to a certain race of people or the human race in general. The land was already here before we crawled out of the sea to stake claim on. Shame on us, we cant pull together as a species.

  2. Kia ora Hone,

    E mihinunui ki a koe, mo to korero tika.

    Just one comment – under social welfare, could the complaints be about CYFS too…. Bring on Saturday!

    Kia kaha Hone.

    Naku iti,

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