May 6, 2021

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1st Maori Judge sworn in under Scales of Justice

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Its overdue now to bring in the 1st Maori Judge sworn in under the SCALES of JUSTICE to judge cases.

Many Maori do not fit into this crown court system introduced from England, lets be more OPEN MINDED about how cases can be heard in the technology age of the year 2000.

Cases can be held through PUBLIC AVENUES, including Judge Judy style TV, in local Newspapers, internet, and on chosen Marae for this purpose,etc. Instead of being held in Pakeha/Tauiwi courthouses of british Rule. As arranged by our Tipuna to be laid on te tepu, now.

Te Arawa never signed the orignal document of Te Riti o Waitangi which led to the Coat of Arms symbol and founational layings of Courthouses asserted. Laws legislation into modern policy. The above mentioned is a far more culturally practical approach to judging young Maori offenders in Te Arawa area.

Other tribal areas may follow this leadership example.

These offenders of a pyramid society thats not operating right but is a formed society of classes rich middle and pohara – this history is to be included as part of their cases that arise.!!

Under the current British crown justice system – Judges are sworn in under the “Coat of Arms” symbol 1953 -present. Its this symbol that orders the country to be “Mined” at the next level, in its 4th quadrant of cross hammers.

And the endeavour journey ships symbolise the gates of immigration are ordered to remain open.

As Mayors support it,by welcoming immigrants to become NZ citizens for political votes!!

This symbol DOES NOT REPRESENT JUSTICE!!! Its represents european cutlural greed and arrogance – adult laws asserted. This symbol is no doubt therefore questioned. A FALSE JUSTICE SYSTEM!!

When compared with the Maori Justice system – they are completely OPPOSITE!! Maori Lore based upon ‘common sense lore’. This system is ancient passed down from our ancient Arawa descendents Ngatoroirangi & Tamatekapua. The system of Te Iwi Ngaro – The lost tribe of the children of Israel. How they operated was the Tohunga (Judge & Priest) held the scales of justice/balance, at hui(meetings) using the methods of: The order of history in 1st order, 2nd order etc. The scales of balance/justice would tilt to the right and the left until the balance was found for justice to be served as discssions progressed.

And judgement passed. Its was a simple system of common sense and EVERYONE understood how it operated to be AGREED upon TOGETHER!! Homi e Hui e Taieke e!!

RangiMarie (see picture attached) – The 1st Maori Judge sworn in under the scales of justice. Ko Te Arawa waka, ko Maketu te moana, ko Tongariro te maunga. She will hold the scales of Justice to Judge. Both parents whakapapa from Te Arawa into the lines of the Kingitanga – Maori Kings & Queens lines. Tohunga (Judge & Priests) lineage.

HER FIRST CASE TO BE CALLED TO THE TABLE: The criminal acts of the crown of england in racially oppressing the Indigenous Maori people!!


The New Zealand Coat of Arms represents the sovereign nature of New Zealand and the Governments authority. It is for government use only and is found on a range of documents and papers of constitutional significance, from Acts of Parliament to passports.

On some national occasions, such as Royal visits or jubilee celebrations, individuals and organisations can temporarily display the Arms. The Arms may also be used on souvenirs for national events. Applications to use the Arms are published in the New Zealand Gazette.

Lets address the ADULT behaviour thats been left uncorrected for too long – and move our nation into a better future…..but JUSTICE comes before PEACE!!!

What the Coat of Arms looks like see google search for more info.
I await your reply NZ Herald. Have you got the balls to print this article????

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