May 18, 2021

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Breast-screening ads to focus on Maori, PI wahine

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Three new television commercials are being developed for BreastScreen Aotearoa and will go to air in February 2012.

The current campaign has performed very well, but is now over three years old and it is time for a refresh. Increasing the number of Maori and Pacific women having regular mammograms remains a priority although around 70 percent of the eligible population are now being screened, Maori and Pacific audiences are still behind at 61.1 percent and 66.4 percent respectively.

Public awareness of the need for regular breast screens is essential to the success of the screening programme – BreastScreen Aotearoa Website

The new commercials will go to air on 12 February 2012. Several concepts have been tested with priority audiences, including Maori and Pacific women and their whanau/aiga.

The concept that received the most support at testing features two well-known women one Maori and one Pacific going to different places and talking to women and men about breast screening.

The commercials:

  • encourage women to go for breast screening every two years and continue to be rescreened, and stress the importance of finding cancer early
  • encourage men to take some responsibility for the health of the women in their lives
  • demystify the process of having a mammogram (identified as a key barrier to women not being screened).

The commercials will continue to use humour an approach that has worked extremely well.

The priority audience for the campaign is Maori and Pacific women who are in the target age range of the programme (45-69) and who have never been screened or whodo not have screens regularly(every two years).

Other audiences are: family, friends and community members who support and influence these women. While the advertising is specifically focused on Maori and Pacific women, it is likely to make all women more aware of the need to have regular breast screens.

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