May 8, 2021

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Govt to “consult” to Maori over sell off of SOEs

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The Government has announced a series of hui to consult with Maori on legislative changes it considers are necessary for the float of minority shareholdings in four State Owned Enterprises to New Zealanders.We NEED whanau, marae, hapu and iwi to attend and let the govt know how we feel, we KNOW they won’t listen this is a way to galvinise and vocalise our opposition to this sell-off.

The schedule for hui are as follows:

  • 8 February 10.00am Distinction Hotel Rotorua
  • 8 February 3.00pm Waikato Stadium Hamilton
  • 9 February 3.00pm Wanganui Racecourse Wanganui
  • 10 February 9.30am Toll Stadium Whangarei
  • 10 February 3.30pm Novotel Auckland Airport Auckland
  • 14 February 10.00amWaihopai Runaka Murihiku Marae Invercargill
  • 14 February 4.00pm Chateau on the Park Christchurch
  • 15 February 10.00am Emerald Hotel Gisborne
  • 15 February 3.30pm Te Puni Kokiri Wellington
(by Colin Williscroft (NBR) A series of hui are to be held around the country to brief Maori on the float of minority shareholdings in four state owned enterprises.

Finance Minister Bill English and State Owned Enterprises Minister Tony Ryall will lead the process, to be held next month, which will canvas legislative changes the government considered necessary for the float of Genesis Energy, Meridian Energy, Mighty River Power and Solid Energy.

“We promised to talk with iwi when we originally announced plans to partially sell the four energy companies and Air New Zealand last year, Mr English said.

We want to understand Maori views before we take final decisions.

Mr Ryall said the consultation would not cover specific investment opportunities, but iwi investment on a commercial basis would be welcomed.

“The government has promised all New Zealand investors they will be at the front of the queue for shares,” Mr Ryall said.

The government was also seeking written submissions through a consultation document on its proposal to remove the four energy companies from the SOE Act and put them under new legislation that ensured the government retained at least 51% ownership and other individual shareholdings were limited to 10%, Mr English said.

6 thoughts on “Govt to “consult” to Maori over sell off of SOEs

  1. Having spent some time yesterday searching websites and phoning maraes and electorate offices, I have today at last found the day, venue and time of the Auckland hui.
    Too bad it’s too late to arrange for someone else to mind my moko after school.
    Thanks to Phil Twyfords office for sending me your link – keep up the good work.

  2. The New Zealand government is being over powered by special intereest corporations. We here in the US know this now. For many decades special interests have hidden behind the vail of government function. They will manipulate by getting thier so called officials or lobbyists. Once elected they will manipulate laws and policies to the corporations favor. Understand governments have a long way to go as far as equality for all. To be specific “it is not the government but the corporations”. Find out the specific name or names of the corporations doing this. Then find out who is on thier payroll. It will give the chance to do something about these unintellegent problems.

  3. Im going to the Hamilton Hui to add our whanau NO to the rest..but will Govt take heed to our taake? they didnt over the Seabed/forshore..whats new Ne?.

  4. Govt says they want to understand maori views before they make a decision why dont they front up and tell maori why they are doing in the first instance. History will show the path that govt has taken maori and we cant see it getting better so front up then we may understand you (govt)

  5. After 200 years you need to build a bridge and move on as one race Pakeha and maori this just breeds more hate.

  6. “we want to understand Maori views before we take final decisions” this statement is a direct contradiction to what iwi are experiencing regarding raupatu issues….rights ignored…rightfully inherited lands that were STOLEN through legislation in the 1800s having to be bought back….hmmmmm same format different century…..

    As for Wira and Hekias consultation process YEAH RIGHT, nearly 200+ yrs of THEFT to be consulted upon in a month what a superficial effort Wira good money thought i suspect….so Wira you would have no problem when they (govt) want to sell Te Tairawhiti moana and whenua for GNP of the country…..

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