May 8, 2021

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He Aitua – World mourns the lost of young wahine leader

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He poroporoaki: Kateia Burrows

Dr Pita Sharples has lent his voice to the wail of sadness that continues to grow, at the heartbreaking news that Kateia Burrows has died. Kateia affiliated to Ngati Porou and Rarotonga and was considered a paradigm of leadership, skill, while holding a “fierce intellect and huge commitment to taonga Maori said Sharples.

Kateia was at the centre of Maori culture in London since 2003.

Kateia establishedManaia,a Maori performing arts company in London which alongside of cultural performances taught traditional Maori culture and skills in schools throughout the UK.

She was deeply involved with Ngati Ranana (London based roopu); a Maori language school (Kiwa) and had made such a distinctive presence in the London setting that in 2006 she was nominated for New Zealander of the Year.

In fact it was being so far away from whenua and whanau that promotedBurrows and take, Karl to look at Te Ao Maori (their culture and heritage) within the context of London. They began to focus their energy into what they loved, and were foundational to much of what is the Maori cultual community in London today.

Maori language, kapa haka and mau taiaha flourished under Burrows guidence. She established the Manaia Performing Arts Company, now a regualar feature at both New Zealand and non-New Zealand events. Her language school (KIWA) is the first of its kind and teaches anyone whos interested at various levels. She has also introduced the traditional art of taiaha ancient Maori weaponry to London.

Incredible words of love and sadness adorn her Facebook wall from all over the world, withhundreds upon hundreds of memories and tributes being paid…
We are truly at a loss.
We pass on our own aroha to her whanau, her tane, her tamariki, her friends. Kateia came home again at 11am today (Thursday 12 January) Kateia will be taken to Hoani Waititi marae, west Auckland. Church and poroporoaki will be at 7pm. Friday 9am church at Hoani Waititi then to mangere lawn cemetery for burial. After this she will be taken back to Hoani Waititi for hakari. Ko tou rourou, me taku rourou, ka ora tatou! Mauri ora.
Whanau and friends in London will be gathered yesterday in remembrance of Kateia on the 4th floor at New Zealand House. A poroporoaki will be held onthis Saturday morning at 10am in the lobby of NZ House.There will also be a Condolence Book by the Pouihi so please send a message home to her whanau.

Here is an interview with Kateia from 2009 with Te Karere.

The following was posted by Manaia admins on their Facebook page:

Haere atu ra e te wai o oku kamo
Hei hari korero atu ki taku Huia kaimanawa
He Huia rere uru
He Huia rere whiti
Aue e hika ma, huritia mai taku Huia e

The Burrows and Daniela whanau will lay Kateia to rest at Mangere Lawn Cemetery (85 McKenzie Road, Mangere) on Friday with an 11am service. In the meantime, Kateia will lie at her home at 108 Clonbern Road, Remuera until Thursday. At 11am on Thursday following karakia, Kateia will be taken to Hoani Waititi Marae (451 West Coast Road, Oratia). At 7pm a Family Service will be led by the Aitutaki whanau followed by poroporoaki. On Friday at 9am we will have karakia before leaving Hoani Waititi for Mangere. All urgent enquiries please contact Karl Burrows on 0211300715.

No reira e hine, haere atu ra i runga i to waka wairua, ko te waka tena e kore e tahuri, ko te waka tena e kore e hoki whakamuri. Hoki atu ki Hawaiki, okioki atu ai. Haere, haere, haere.

23 thoughts on “He Aitua – World mourns the lost of young wahine leader

  1. Karl and the kids,
    I am so, so sad. I’ve only just heard vis Rangimoana. My thoughts are with you – such a loss to you and the World.

    Chris Preston

  2. Such sad news: Kateia you were a bastion of maoritanga for all us here, the London diaspora as well as for those at home. Thoughts are with Karl and whanau. Arohanui… X Anthony and Maui

  3. my sincere condolences to the great warrioress and freedom fighter! i did not know of you personally until now, which is a shame. but i feel your spirit and power through cultural education regarding the original people of U.K. thank you for your work! you will still be working harder as an ancestors giving help from the spiritual realm. we still need you. united in the struggle an afrikan born in the u.s. who shares similar history of struggle fighting for victory.
    rest in power!

    Detroit, MI

  4. He mihi aroha ki te whanau whanaui a Kateia, ta tatou whanaunga kua wehe atu. Moe moe ra e te Koka i roto i nga ringaringa o ta tatou kaihanga. Ma te Atua koutou e whakakaha, e manaaki mo enei ra kei te haramai.
    Arohanui te whanau Waikari-Wikitapu, Ngati Porou, Te Tairawhiti.

  5. Kateia – one of the very best. I find it hard to believe you are gone. love and sad condolences to all the family madeleine jon louis and tilly

  6. Thank you Kateia, Karl and Ngati Ranana for so warmly welcoming us and our film Earth Whisperers Papatuanuku – into NZ House in London.
    Thank you Kateia for welcoming us to your home and for your aroha which shone through in everything you did and said and in all the karanga and waiata you sang.
    Thank you for the wonderful gifts you breathed into the world and spread like wildfire among us.

    To Karl and whanau – Kia kaha, kia manawanui, kia manawaroa
    Nga mihi aroha
    Kathleen Gallagher, Keiran Gallagher, John Gallagher, Therese Gallagher-Power and whanau

  7. Moe mai e hine, moe mai i to moengaroa, moe mai i roto i te ariki. Ka noho maua i te pouritanga, na to mate ohorere. Haere i runga i te rangimarie.

    Karl and whanau, kia kaha kia manawanui. Arohatinonui.

  8. Kateia – an amazing woman, full of life, energy and determination. She patiently taught te reo to Pakeha and Maori alike, introduced us to Maori culture and encouraged us to come to Ngati Ranana to learn more. A wonderful wonderful person.

  9. You will be forever missed Kat..I will never forget our Manaia Workshops traveling the world educating those on maoritanga, and our taiaha training under all the UK weather…So many memories..

    Very sad.
    Arohanui x

  10. Moumou taangata ki te Poo,norei ra e hine haere atu ra i runga ite waka aroha ka rere koe ki Paerau te Puutahitanga o Rehua noreira moe mai e hine haere, haere haere ki te Poo te kitea..

  11. I had the very fortunate pleasure of meeting Kateia a few times in London over the last couple of years at social and business occasions. There are not many times in life when you meet someone who makes an instant impression on you and Kateia was one of those people. Her quickness to smile, her peaceful yet fun and enthusiastic approach was always welcoming and a delight – you knew you were in the presence of someone very special . I will never forget walking into an art installation she had painted in London where I was overcome by emotion at the scene she had created reflecting her culture. She was a very special and unique person and my heart goes out to her family and loved ones for the loss you must feel.

  12. In 2006 John celebrated his 60th birthday and we travelled to UK to Corfe Castle in Dorset and Kateia came down with five others and were the highlight of the party giving us all a magnificent Maori concert which was so amazing and enjoyed by us all, 25 kiwis and around 50 brits. What a lovely lady she was, and we were so sad to read of her passing, may she rest in peace.

  13. Inapo, e whakaaro ana au me pehea matou e whakanui, e whakamana i a koe?

    Na, ka marama. Kore e taea. Nahau ke i whakamana i a koe, i to whanau, i a matou i a koe e hikoi tonu ana i tenei ao. Nau ke matou i whakamana!

    Moe mai i runga i te rangimarie.

  14. Such a gracious and lovely lady and consumate professional at Ngati Ranana. I never forgot her gentleness. I pray the Lord will comfort her family at this very sad time. Nova

  15. Kateia – such a lovely and gracious lady and so professional at leading Ngati Ranana. I never forgot her. I pray the Lord will comfort her family at this very sad time.

  16. Soon enough the ones I love will fade away into dust people will see me on a daily basses walking to and from different places as the darkness surrounds every one of us we all eventually take the deepest fall into the dusk I’m just waiting for that last and final day when we will all be with u in the better and everlasting ways R.I.P Kateia Aroha nui Ward whanau xxxx we will all miss you so much xxxx

  17. Beautiful spirit went on
    to join the Matariki
    Gone to soon…Amazing grace
    Shining down on us from heaven

    Aroha Nui Tita

  18. Aue taukuri e…
    Such a beautiful woman who I had the pleasure of meeting on a couple of occasions in London and during the Rugby World Cup. Kaore he kupu…kua ngaro te katoa.
    No reira e te tuahine, haere, hoki atu ki te kainga tuturu mo tatou te ira tangata – ki reira okioki ai x
    Arohanui x

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