May 10, 2021

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Rotorua makes headlines for all the wrong reasons :(

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When you are away from home, something deep inside you implores your mind to reconnect, to get online and to check up on what is happening back home. What I saw happening back in Rotorua was horrendous.

Really, Rotorua. Everyone stood by as a young wahine was yelled at, dragged out of the bus stop dairy and bullied, in the middle of the day? You all just stood there? Why – because you didnt want to get a hiding too? Because you thought it was funny and would rather pull out your cellphone and take a pic? Because your bus was leaving?

And then a youtube video goes viral as it shows 3 wahine jostling with staff from the Fenton Street Countdown. It looks like the staff are trying to stop the ladies from leaving and in the process, one gets the handbag to the head while another gets a David Tua hook. The Police have made arrests but after reading forums and facebook groups on both incidents, how racist are people and how many people truly think that Rotorua is f***ed up?!

I spent a majority of my life in and around Rotorua and know it as home. Sure we have our dark days and some can blame the bad weather for the bad mood but really, what do we need to do to lift our game? Friends in the Rotorua District Council have started to do things and Im sure whanau in the community are too, what farrrr out whanau. Kia tau te Rangimarie, please.

5 thoughts on “Rotorua makes headlines for all the wrong reasons :(

  1. It is sad to watch the younger generation so disrespectful towards elders, others and especially to themselves- THEIR MANA!! Our tipuna, their tipuna will be crying in their graves to see their moko’s behaviour.
    To all the wahine’s be proud of who you are and your ancestry. Your behaviour now reflects on your children, and their children and generations to come.

  2. How embarassing! It’s because of this type of thing, that we get branded “thugs” in other countries! We get looked down on and feared… Really p’s me off constantly feeling the need to defend myself as an individual because I’ve already been stereotyped. All onlookers to these things should be ashamed of themselves!

  3. Shame on you bystanders.. makes me so sad as we are a race who is suppose to care.. wtf? I can only say I’m happy our ancestors are not here to see this!!

  4. This kind of behaviour is intolerable and inexcusable, and Rotorua is definitely not unique in this situation, it is NZ wide, worldwide. What is interesting is the lack of reaction or participation to help from bystanders. In both situations, bystanders, did just that, stood by and watched. There is something very wrong with society when no one steps up to help.

    Having been in a situation where my tane and I took our then young sons to what once was (and no longer is) a very popular family restaurant, Georgie Pie in Manukau City, my husband who had just had a caste removed from his hand (work accident) that day, was viciously attacked by another guy whose intended outburst was taken out on my husband when he was asked nicely 3 times to ‘please get off the boot of our car’, he a father celebrating his daughters 1st birthday with the entire fanau attending, who then decided they too wanted to jump in and assault my husband in broad daylight and with the entire Georgie Pie Restaurant FULL and in direct view of everyone.

    Not one person helped my tane, not one, no one phoned the police, nor offered to help me pull these mongrels off my husband except this idiot’s wife, who was crying her eyes out and also trying to protect our 4 sons who fully witnessed this vicious attack.

    16 grown men, some of them old enough to be uncles and grandfathers attacking my one husband (who gave them back more than they bargained for) and everyone just watched. I yelled and banged on the window of Georgie Pie that busy Saturday, pleading for help, no one came, I had to leave my husband to fend for himself, long enough to run inside and demand Georgie Pie Restaurant to let me use their phone to ring the police who were there in moments while everyone turned away and pretended they saw nothing.

    Police got him and his accomplishes! His 3rd assault on an innocent person in less than 12 months, we had the opportunity to have him deported because of that, BUT because of his innocent little one year old daughter who was oblivious to her vicious father’s ways, we decided we would not be responsible for her having no connection to his daughter in Aotearoa and put it on record only. Did he deserve that chance, when he didn’t give my husband a chance, no of course not. But some people in society actually care about more than themselves.

    SHAME ON SOCIETY, bunch of bloody cowards. Sit back and enjoy your ride while someone in front of you is beaten, viciously assaulted or in need of your help. Cowards.

    1. Yep i agree with your comments re: ” Bunch of Bloody cowards ” I too believe that if you see this kind of thing happening you should get in and help, The thought of having not helped that person and them being bashed up and seriously injured on my conscience would make me ashamed of myself. I would definitely jump in and help if the situation called for such action. P.s. I also believe in Karma what goes around comes around!!!!!

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