May 8, 2021

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Infamous “tea tapes” leaked online (+full audio) updated

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UPDATE: John Key has issued an apology for his comments on New Zealand senior citizens.


The infamous tea tapes which became a media furor have been leaked online via social networking site, YouTube.

Prime Minister and Act candidate John Banks met in a public Newmarket cafe on November 11 so Mr Key could give Banks a display of public support with an eye to helping him win the Epsom seat, resulting in Act returning to Parliament and helping National form a right leaning Government.

At the meeting a huge contingent of media was in attendance but were barred from listening to the actual conversation which happened over a “cup of tea”.

What happened next was were the controversy emerged, Bradlye Ambrose, a freelance cameraman inadvertantly left a microphone in a pouch on the table (in full view) and ended up recording the full discussion.

Prime Minister Key then laid a complaint with police “claiming the recording was made without his permission, however a High Court judge declined to rule whether the conversation was public in Ambrose’s defense”.

As a result the coverage of the tapes and what they contained dominated the build-up to the election, and according to most political observers led to a resurgence in the polls for Winston Peters’ NZ First party, resulting in their party winning 8 seats.

According to, Peters made public claims that he had listened to the tapes and was going to reveal the details of the discussion, in which he said the two men insulted his party’s older supporters.

Key said at the time he was not worried about what he might have said.

“I believe the conversation to be bland and I’ve got no reason – from people who have listened to the tape and told me their version of it – to believe otherwise,” he said.

Now you can listen for yourself and decide:

5 thoughts on “Infamous “tea tapes” leaked online (+full audio) updated

  1. There isn’t anything on but that isn’t the point. Glad to know Labour and Mr Peters sanction this type of behaviour from our media. I don’t so I know who I’ll be voting for in future, and I’ll bet they wouldn’t either if it was them recorded

  2. its just another two wealthy polictians gabbing .why was there so much hype about it ? sureley they must of had better things to do than waste my and everyone elses time and money by having a tea party then complaining that they were taped in a public place .and taking a cameraman to court over it .so who wastes more john k /john b ? or the 99%

  3. I agree very hard to hear clearly.Banks is such a sycophant and greases up to any thing that will futhur his causes.You can use cooledit pro to clear the back ground noise and use a streaming audio program to capture the audio.

  4. Well, it might be said that he was talking about all of us. We are all going to age and DIE so we are all of no importance.

    It is just the normal ‘National Elitism’ talking, I suppose.

    I hope getting this out in the open lets people know how much this PM really thinks of us (the 99% that will be dying off).


  5. It was hard going I had to get some distance so I could hear the voices more clearly. John had a great deal to say. It was disrepectful and I wish you or someone could clean up the tape a bit because it would be very enlightenening.It is about time the people got a handle on these people one of whom for reasons I can’t understand has much of the population in his corner.

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