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Marama Davidson | Pondering 2012

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31 December 2011

Actually before I start on next year I better look at 2011 first. Woah freaky year!

Around the end of 2010 I decided to pitch in with a few other like-minded w?hine and add our voice to the mix a bit more. Leading into 2011 I took life-long inspiration from those amazing fighters at all levels around me including; the kuia/kaum?tua at home keeping it real, the wh?nau back at our marae burning the home fires, the people on the ground in our communities, our young people halleluiah rangatahi who continue to inspire me, our academics, politicians, artists, gardeners, te reo warriors, teachers and especially our wh?nau raising our tamariki. There are so many people doing amazing work to strengthen our most precious resource that is wh?nau. There are so many people to thank for being brave enough tospeak out for our right to live as M?ori. There are so many people taking up our collective responsibility to care for each other and the environment around us.

My puku was telling me I could do more, so I tried. Facebook became a hugely important tool to start circulating my whakaaro via blog articles, press releases, Op Eds, radio and television interviews, community speaking and other engagements.

And I got shot down LOL! More than once. And it will happen again of that I am most certain.

But just today someone who I consider a stalwart fighter of our people reminded me that we need to do more of it we must not stop. And as always, the other stalwarts of my life will support my need to keep contributing. I cannot contribute to my community without the tautoko of my family, and without having first assured their wellbeing.

This brings me to 2012.

I have huge hope for our future as wh?nau, hap? and iwi. Our strength and vigilance to maintain our identity on our own lands has not faltered. We have proved time and time again that we are born with what we need to keep ourselves alive no one can remove whakapapa.

And we will need more of the same says our stalwart fighter (who shall remain nameless because a private facebook chat does not a public speech make).

I agree with him. It is nothing new but we are facing even tougher far right agendas which threaten our collective integrity and wisdom as Tangata Whenua. We need to be steadfast in keeping our waters clean, our whenua un-mined and un-fracked and our moana deeply undrilled. We need to be determined to keep ourwh?nau out of poverty and safe from abuse. We need to keep sacrosanctourability to grow, hunt and fish for kai. There is much to protect.

So I stand in awe of all of us as we continue to be resolute together and support each other. We fight in many ways. Weshould continue to sing waiata, write poetry, learn to reo, speak te reo,h?koi in protest, growgardens (so I can buy your organic veggies cos my gardening sux right now), care for our earth, write submissions, and press releases, and Op Eds, and blogs, speak out, stand up, speak out andstand up.

If we feel hurt enough, we may alsoneed to think of other ways to resist. So let us think..

But mostly, take care of our own wh?nau. Be kind to each other. Thanks to my ever wise mother who reminds me Sometimes it is easier to save the world than to look after those around you. Check myself.

Thank you to my husband and children for your ongoing tolerance and support.

Happy(Gregorian Calendar) New Year everyone!

Ng? mihi


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